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[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx[/url] The gold is small to open to suddenly hear have several personal low voices to scold a way:"Grandmother of, that helps a discard and makes out a failure article, unlucky."

Is green but compete first say, "hum, fix for return to exceed me, how even isn't such an affair understand either?That person is obviously a mean person, if the Du flew to just make moves to reprimand him, after the event he although is doing not dare to seeking Du to fly trouble,seek you to bother still remarkable?The Du flies just and so and does completely consideration for the sake of you, you still just here complain, be really don't know good public!"

In the beginning at the beginning of lunar calendar since 2008, the girl had been all very happy and probably really forgot.The day that finally arrived to school begins, the girl sits up car of returning the school and jubilantly rushes toward the campus out of a long distance.Just go off train, girl started having a headache, felt everythings here all take last a certain and unknown signal, acquaint with but again unfamiliar.The girl opens a telephone and sees a number, the in the mind beginning ache gets up.Then remembered to once take place in this city for 1.1:00 the affair on her, memory visited to move in the sky of this city like the kite of breaking the line, the tears was then

 'In the months before his death,'Dr Mortimer went on,'Sir Charles was a very worried man.He was near to breaking down.He believed the story of the Hound of the Baskervilles.He refused to go out at night.He often asked me whether I had seen any strange animal or heard the cry of a hound on the moor at night.He always got very excited when he asked this question.

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren coupons[/url] The circumstance real strenght in nowadays should be have an exaltation!"The leaf sings breeze light a say with smile:"Elder generation good eyesight, but the younger generation just had breakthrough.But don't know that the elder generation so early makes us come what is up?"Hear the virtuous Wei of the words Ao that the leaf sings breeze pulling a facial expression to seriously say:"Is nothing but some cross to knot boundary need of some affairs is just."See the virtuous Wei of Ao with serious look pull, the leaf sings breeze and Li Jun also not from of take heart to cautiously listen, the Ao virtuous Wei pulls to very formally say:"This knot boundary actually is what principle I don't know as well, so actually will take place as for time that once wore knot boundary what affair I don't know as well.According to experience in past I can say this knot boundary while crossing you must not use to measure too strongly, because this knot boundary has the effect of certain rebound.At break open to knot boundary of that your speed want to attain most quickly for an instant, only so then you can be knotting to rush out when the boundary is strong afresh.Etc. rushes out to knot after the boundary you have been going north, if my memory has no problem according to this direction you will definitely return to a mainland."

rtainly been using it.A path had been worn up to the door.I took my revolver out of my pocket,and checked that it was ready to fire.I walked quickly and quietly up to the hut,and looked inside.The place was empty.

Chapter 2 body changes(up)


cheap maylin ugg boots Loving is like quicksand, in hand, grasp more tightly, more and easily pass away, in much time, probably, is exactly to don't request, may also can not get a true love, on the contrary, but leave whole life of distress memory.

This fetter will automatically protect him!Resist the eyes of accepting the Xian in, not from flash across one silk Jing long grass.

"?"Hear a like Dan medicine of this effect, the Du flies tiny tiny one Zheng, his state has already come to an a Qiao

The concrete strength gold is small to open to measure, but he sees at least, connect that looking like hard can not Cui of dollar dint hole hole, all drive this to break to drop.

UGG Boots Outlet store "I still occupy, walk first!"The laughter being flown by the Du wakes up with a start, the T the people is strong to endure wrath, start to outwardly walk.The Cha guesses to profoundly see the Du fly one eye and turn a head heel also go out.


I take the sweet and awkward and shy heart of first love and toss about in the dark night.I finally say to I and wait to return to a school, I will vindicate to the shallow Du.


Cheap Pandora Necklaces "Is small beautiful?"Allow Ting to follow Du to fly to walk into sell a building department, the look in the eyes is reluctanting to part with on those models, didn't think but met classmate.

"Feed, you are all right!"See the discrepancy that occurrence and his plan of affair have no the slightest, Li Heng Yang is in mind secretly pleased for a long time.The seeing those"bind bandit" finally gives now he and summer the surname sister live alone of opportunity, the then glad desire wildly shouted.

Waited a quarter again, the person of the Vatican also came.Go to this, can be treated as that the five planets of whole Europeses strongs all remit to gather at here.

Sweeping to see in the crowd is some kind of, a kid who grips a fist suddenly reflected to go into rather the eyelid of Peng, rather the Peng sees his surroundings no man follow behind, wanted to want and then move forward to walk pass by.

Pandora Outlet Store Iron such as wildly predominant tiger wing be located in a southwest of four on, is two of die to annoy to curl up in the head, when those warriors step into a tiger wing of time immediately feel nervous difficult to express, and seem in the strategies is covered with by unknown strength to make them to completely see not pure those soldier's placeses.The attack that becomes various each kind along with the strategies follows and sometimes looking at clearly is an attack of sorcery but is shooting the time on the body but shockingly the detection is unexpectedly a knife sword to add a body.And various puzzling trap also often important person life, can say that the things that everything can harm a human nature life are appear this strategies in, this is also seven kill need not give attention to both of strategies, dead because of all enemies at in.

"Boon, still elder generation consideration thoughtful!"Hear after the words that the Du flies, just- started cave stone mountain the person flatter a way again.However later on he think of to the result for flattering, quickly hide cow Gao Ma Da Dun's beard righteousness back, don't want to see the Du fly that smile don't smile earth's surface feeling.

"Who know, in short must not be offended, fierce the wolf regiment puts out and also they are unlucky."


Cheap Pandora Charms Holmes had jumped to his feet.'Where is it,Watson?' he whispered,and I could see that he was shaken by the scream.

A piggy, a sheep and a head of milk cow are closed in the same corral.Once, the shepherd caught piggy, 牠 loudly the number called and like forty resisted.Sheep and milk cow dislike that the number of牠 calls and then says:He usually catches us, we don't loudly appeal to the public small call.The piggy listenned to an answer way:Catch you and catch me completely am a different thing, he catches you and just want your hairs and human milk, but catch me, but want my life!

Chapter 6 Yan month stone

Sa the second number quantity is rarely seen, scarcely take a stroll in the customs society, usually life in the space"boundary" of moreover a branch, the gold is small to open in the past ever for looking for to work properly solid but stole to once go into boundary once, result at in suffered a Sa second person, also almost died in my noodles.Listen to now the fire tooth speak this name, the heart neutrally engraves and then thoughts of the thing concerning this aspect.

Pandora Outlet Store "Hum!"The gold is small to open cold hum a , the old guy that block off road no matter any further, mark time facing, that rust iron to walk.The old body side of that to youth men and women Shan body but, toward a gold small the feet opening a boxing hand over to add.The milli- that the gold is small to open a small condition for this kind of is inattentive, early front he is just arriving at for a sky, Ding space, the bitterness once fixed a burst of body Shu, even if is use dollar dint don't also be good enough to cope with!

"The northeast has Tahu, everyone flies to there wash Shu!"Although for there is some disappointments in these under charges,five elders still quickly find out to understand definitely of way, then roar loud an order way.

Tightly make track for small open after death huge octopus in the gold more and more, till the last have already become several hundred, absolutely be like one to wreak havoc howling big river, the Shi wants to be small to open to thoroughly gobble up the gold.The gold is small to open to dash away all the way and forward, the root isn't likely to turn head to meet the enemy.However he isn't a milli- either to without aim rush to escape, but always march forward toward big summer the position of the clan origin.


cheap hype means nothing crewneck sweatshirts "I how can and those small fart Hais mix together!The cloud territory of Wu Meng Liu of"the Du flies to smell once the speech smile, it is He Lin to immediately understand to come over is misunderstanding, speak an explanation way, " I flies an one degree true person and adds for the elder in territory, this time come to vulgar life time because the state is a bit unsteady, want experience and training some kind of."

nba 2k13 jersey shadow Too late accept a hand, the Hui heart has already felt a high emollient hand have already pressed own chest, tiny hair dint, the Hun is thick of true the spirit have already become a several, flee to think oneself whole body everywhere, the in a flash locks oneself.

ysl nike tank tops You are a to beg for the kid whom the person likes very much, high regard teacher, can help a teacher to manage a class, work hard be responsible for, is the teacher cans believe of get dint assistant, united classmate, take pleasure in help others, ability diligent, strong brave, ten golds not Mei, environmental protection consciousness is strong, can take good care of plants, keep environmental hygiene, the independent ability is strong, study active aware of self, have a class in good shape, actively thinking, bold speech, independence completion classroom practice, intelligent tactful, it is excellent to study result, the teacher hopes that you continue hard, in the aspects of writing again put forth effort, fight for better result.

nfl umbrellas "BE!"Middle age nearby several individuals with one voice and greatly drink, the vehemence is astonishing.

fashion most popular nba jerseys At carve to carve in the room of Wu Tian, suddenly hear an outside entirely make to ring, then urge oneself the wood does under the body of the simple wheel chair arrived at a hall house, but discovered own daughter being thinking a manned of obfuscation dragging along in room.

lebron james miami heat jerseys Will really annoy to slowly infuse into pigeon tail cave in, have been waiting until the acupuncture points to spread the felling of bulge pain, the Du flies just luck rise true spirit, a drum makes spirit ground to rush at to clip ridge cave.

rocksmith hoodies online "Be free!"The summer cloud Xi sees a form quickly come over to pull a summer if the hand of Xi, wait to see her hand to just burn red after, this just loosenned tone.

calgary flames new nhl jerseys The left Huai shakes head, light tone way:"My task hasn't completed, how may make you walk?"

replica mlb championship rings The jade has no way at the male, what Qian Xiao Qing said is quite right, if oneself to Qian Xiao Qing too like, be like like this and always stick to together, Lin Mu Xue really has some to living a some viewpoints of, although can't result in at the male to the jade too great influence, came to say not to go to Qian Xiao Qing, Qian Xiao Qing now but the jade is in one of the male's positive card girl friends, so will in consideration of is several while living together in the future female of a

camo reebok nhl jerseys "Heel!"

The bitter end of that bone blade conceals at one big regiment the earth vitality behind, can not see my noodles either is actually some what.However after being subjected to the attack of the gram of west, that bone blade immediately shrunk to return to and no longer appeared.


[url=http://cheapuggschina.blogger.hu]UGG Boots Outlet store[/url] "Boon?"Finish listenning to six very green words, the Du flies in the moment and immediately and presented at the beginning the small police-woman that is full of idealism, later on again think of afterwards while facing sea to meet, the other party is already the public security official's tall officer in the system, not from speechless on saying with smile, "I also just thinking wear want to contact national government, you this summons' pouring is very in time!"

"Touch ……" one face hard Han several bottoms, Lien Chan's soldier feels that the body collides with each other with the other party each time, absolutely with crash into sheet iron similar, hurt to the marrow.And look back the other party, but seem to be easily at will, see seem to be not painful at all!

"That do you want to take part in?"Kept in mind a true person of bamboo to see Du to fly one eye and immediately after ask a way.

"Start walking faster!"The Du flies to see owners to all gather and waved hand to orderany a , then lead off a Teng body to start to fly, the five other squads long leads each member of team to keep up with one after another.

[url=http://cheapuggoutlet.mihanblog.com]cheap ugg classic boots[/url] Hesitate a burst of after, small opened to gobble up those 3 a pit to take out, put on the table.

However no matter how it is say, if this use fittingly, absolutely is that one is violent and by surprise of weapon.Although is an expendable goods, the foot has up to 100 amounts to be able to use very long time.The gold small opening quotations calculated for a while, the sign line that he controls now combine not much, only have too thou Huang wall, forbid a dollar sign line and potential sign line 3 kinds, after considering repeatedly, the gold is small to open an end to infuse into each sign line five of ice pellets, stay to need to be endangered time to provide for use.

"Captain found out two Ms. Suns!"At this time in times before ascend


[url=http://cheapuggboots.makesit.net/fox-fur-boots.html]Cheap shanleigh ugg boots[/url] Jade at male the of course not can take no account of Tang can son's suggesting, hence the jade comes to a stop to ask a way again at the male:"Cocoa, you how exactly all right, you how pick fault with so, that is all right, yourself came to my immobility and tired out completely of, the science statistics man does a the physical strength loving consume an equal to Marathon full-length gown, you see me much hard, don't know to show consideration to me as well."

The people's viewpoint how temporarily don't consider actually, however Qin Di's space and the ruler in Ding space in the sky, all quietly start taking preventive measures, privately meet, secretly unite, momentary originally two attitude ice that the space casts covetous eyes on eliminate snow to melt, feel like have never appeared.They all know very, the big summer clansmen isn't an enemy who is good to deal with.

The gold is small to open to sink a voice to ask a way:"Gobble up to check this kind of thing, actually from where came out to come?I once had the company to once see sell to spread in the Ding space in sky, they all produced in the factories of don't become?"The gold is suddenly small to open Yao area of thinking of the past gentleman the king once said to him:What ancient times origin mankind blend gobbles up a pit, each third eye that is all big summer clansmen.However that just the period in time immemorial, perish along with the big summer clansmen afterwards, this kind of gobbles up a pit to also disappear gradually most originally.Be continuously blended by the mankind now so of gobble up a pit, actually is what background?

"This news I dare to ensure to is true."Niger duke puts a speech way at this time, " however do I feel that the Du flies elder to seem to be still to have reservation,is the method that they replied?"

[url=http://cheapuggoutlets.top-depart.com]cheap fox fur ugg boots[/url] For celebrate cloud, the Du flies

"Grandmother of, almost hang here."

The eye sees own sorcery breeze book cripple cloud to be broken the shot by the sighing of angel and dark night nightmare, the method Zhang in the Ping Yue Shan's hand a flick to lightly drink a way:"The breeze copies!"Lightly drink along with Ping Yue Shan, in the sky immediately strong breeze your work, originally had some to resist don't live of breeze book cripple cloud well infused into stimulant generally resume a height of prosperity again of status, difference's changing don't end, when breeze book cripple cloud resumed the best status, air of breeze chemical element rapidly condense a , unexpectedly again formed a breeze to fasten strong scope sorcery breeze book cripple cloud.This is the breeze to fasten sorcery teacher to stand erect a mainland don't pour for several years of reason:The breeze copies!The breeze shadow is the exclusive stunt that belongs to breeze to fasten sorcery teacher, as soon as display resuming all energies that the previous sorcery consumes can also make duplicate a sorcery of original sorcery 80% energies, besides which, this for offend to defend isn't all very outstanding breeze to be fastenned sorcery teacher to say to absolutely is a magic weapon that protects a body.Ping Yue Shan be with lend this kind of stunt and blocked the sorcery of rose and jasmine down.


"This dies guy!I when just can go home!"See the Du fly to no longer realize her, wave green ground of Xing Xing head that stirs to turn sand Tuo, headed for an another part, in the heart not from think of the comfort of the in home of having the past, however now that is already may but can not beg of!

"What is the row?"The gold is small to open to stop an attack, every where look about, soon he then discover, appears one in the sky silk extremely weird variety.Cover with the dark cloud of one jet black dark in the original sky, way way lightning flash lightning flash the return flee, but don't know in the bank of clouds from when rise, the dark cloud unexpectedly and silently changed a color and became dark and red from the original utter darkness and faced upward ascend hope, the whole sky bank of clouds' imitating a Buddha is an one don't live to flow out of the hellish magma was full of intensely hot and terrible.

Being medium to take can increase to fix for of miracle drug wonder drug?You say know, I ain't understand at all!"Six green because fixing true exergue is short, to the matter of miracle drug don't understand at all and listen to now the Du fly and great white crane the true person say hot fire, not from the ground of Yang Yang in heart hasty way.

"Is absolute have no!"The Du flies hurriedly a denial way, if drive together and together friendship made sure this viewpoint, isn't he just more troublesome hereafter?Thought of here, the Du flies to quickly lead a topic to open a way, "I that just right self-discipline stopped for a while, so just discovered you aring maded by them, if my self-discipline didn't end that day, the result is so terrible we dares not thinks about it!"

Hear the Du flies of counter-question, that person's one Leng, immediately the way of Du Rang:"Although the soil betrayed Wu Tian,he is to be compelled."

Fact is so, but that gold Dan middle monk doesn't know.He sees himself/herself and Du fly the quality that 2 people work properly sword equal, but his work properly to know to exceed the other party with sword Jue self-discipline degree all, but have been taking it not next, the dust that sees a flank wonderful way human face exposes the color of Yu not, anxious under, stormed to persist doing ground to start to greatly recruit.

Tang can son just went out hadn't come yet he or she's room and then was arrested by a person be wearing, this person

Be getting more heavy!"Wave hand to signal hint to have no what, long enjoy a true person to continue the Xu say, " because many strategies and fingerprint of lost, the chain machine one way just more and more declines, more than 200 years in I self-discipline, , basically have never once heard to have which chain machine teacher refine the treasure machine class of magic weapon!"

This should be a kind of what kind of strength?!

The answer being flown by the Du frightens one Za tongue, the blue mountain sword pours is don't dare to ask Du again to fly at the beginning how can succeed in escaping back.

However before blowing to extinguish a birthday candle, doll still very formally fulfill a wish.


 "Feed ……feed ……do you intend to carry I arrive when?"The gold is small to open to just chat with fire tooth hot fire, one has spirit feebly voice from underneath spread.The gold is small to open this to just think of, does oneself still carry a monster person.

Hey, the world of outside ……"the old savage country people paused for breath several voices, tiny nod a way:"The world lived by us, have already isolated with a life time several hundred, around ten thousand years of of time.The world of outside, have already become a kind of legend ……surprisingly, this legend is incredibly true."

"China is again handsome, almost this time ability drop him, encourage."

"Ha ha, saw many before those men accompanied the girl friend to go shopping, think how to also arrest you once, today although be not in the outside, circumstance also about, I also like to experience personally the taste that someone accompanies all of a sudden!"See the Du fly to wave hand, six green suddenly thought of the small wishes in those early years, then come forward Wan to live the arm that the Du flies to say with smile.

Chapter 6 takes off a woods(up)

Boy's girl talks is after the all very careful decade I nearby of boy's girl before the public under embrace each other kiss still dislike an other people Ai matter.

"Bang!"One is huge after ringing, the gold is small to open whole body skeleton desire crack, the eye emits Venus and a good half-day just slowly lead strength.

Ps:The right here has a chat, alas.Hoping everyone can like this novel ……

"Who are you ?"Being super can fight brigade in is all White and black race person, there is no a yellow race person's existence, so those super ability that are drawn on attention the member of team , after noticing Du and flying, showed unintentionally warnning aired in succession and came forward to fly Du to surround unclearly, an among those the black big fellow of the whole bodies Jian son meat, sink voice to fly toward the Du in English to ask a way.

"Is diverted to expect behind?"The wood Huai stared at Du to fly a burst of, then double once the eyebrow pick, some can not believe ground to ask a way.

For the behavior of three young masters, forget to think to he is afraid to is to really have urgent matter, anyway thanks Yan to have him is to eat, have no him also is to eat, the doesn't matter ground nod to the puppy son point and let him buy dishes to go with wine.


"Boon, that I waited your good newses!Everybody's deposit is CNY 200,000, wait meeting I will make people beat in your bank accounts!"See four expert detectives all connect next task, the summer blares snow satisfaction location to nod, then carries to have the cup on the tea side-table.

"Good kid!"Lightly clapped to clap a together together graceful empress to carry on the back, the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance is also that the old bosom consolation ground smiled to smile, however, there is still one silk haze in his look in the eyes.

See the Du fly this appearance, He Er south the elder hurriedly fly Lue down from the Mang head, helping him will break bone place to mount, then sought two tree branches that keep 1:00 to fix like.

"Small friendship, you how not much sleep meeting?Just yesterday sign achievement, take these days of go on vacation, should be good good rest just to ah!However, your a female kid unexpectedly fought with so many poisonous dealers yesterday, if you what how to shoulded do matter!Listen to mama say, you still opportunity to seek, change a work, otherwise, I and your daddy is all day long anxious, this day can not lead ……"have already got into Han Mu of menopause, hear the daughter of upstairs get up, immediately and talkatively loquacious get up, let just Han Qiu Ya of the door immediately bulge big head.

Once, I and then bought chili sauce, three really from the store in came out to come, and saw me.Know three after seeing me, I suddenly feel frightened again.At this time, sees three along the granite plank spreads of small street, walk to me.

"A younger sister?If"Jing Shi Xiong thought for a while and immediately smiled, " he takes a younger sister, that I believe that he isn't any the one party sends to come of, five younger brothers, you descend well check for a while, clear up this affair."Make reference to my Jing a life time once the male clap hands, vision each big guy face under the hall up once swept, " like, this words outside stop here first, we start the summary general assembly in this month!"

The black dress person's face also conceals at black tunic inside, the gold is small to open to see him that tiny to let out the double of cold light eye, the eye pupil of that eyes unexpectedly is a Shu line, make the gold small to open body up tiny some feel chill-this mysterious person, should can't be a wild beast?

Xia Yu slightly some difficult way:"The real strenght only hasn't arrive 50% ……"

"Return ability is what?The nothing but is money Bai!"Money much many a faces disagree of say.

"Also nothing important matter, be ask you just, don't take a shower, if wash



The fire fastens to attackstone strategies, the Du flies already and completely touches deeply, so the cloth comes very fast.Short five minutes time, he has already fixed attention on this containment the strategies of the front 3 F small building complete cloth good, then sneer at a , prepare to use to work properly the core that the dint urges strategies to work properly a stone.This strategies, the Du flies very extravagantly and all use medium the article fire fasten to work properly stone cloth to become, its power even if is a jade liquid to expect monk be surrounded, deathless also want to take off 1 F of skin!

……"See Du in the doorway fly and Ni intimate shape, stand on the gold in the hall three little facial expressions not from some hair whites, the very anxious to slap takes out dead after death of servant, his mouth how so smelly!See now Du's flying can come in with Ni, gold three little quickly walk to come forward a way.He now afraid that the Du flew to say what, letting the Ni can general manager to they three green companies sink a viewpoint, knew Ta Si companies to basically monopolize MD country all jadeites!

"She, I see to here some dangers, have never let she, leave her at the absolute being is all."Fingerling and dint that the gold was small to open to conjecture Wei Wang Liang Yan, ask a way:"Butchering eldest brother says that you once got hurt, how didn't I see out?"

Just, Lee is seeing celebrate the boyfriend that cloud associates with her for a few months again, smiling to make once walk dining room, it has been more than a years since the wound in the heart even if passed by and can still be a bit dull pain.

See a gold small to open to finally promise, all of two girls are thousand times excitements, also don't dispute a gold small open the impoliteness in the speech.However the gold is small to open in order to defend an accident, still and two girls agreed on severals:Can not run about aimlessly everywhere, can not literally get in touch with some things of not clear uses, can not literally provoke the different race living creature in the super historic relic space.For this severals request, two girls readily promise, this makes the gold small happy to save a doubt, don't know that they actually can obey.

The strange space separated everything, the target only had 1 and keep pointing left bosom Yu.

"This is the Kai Rui, you knew, he after death of three Dou privates are that the ice is cold and receives Carl and the inside Si Weis respectively Er.Although they haven't met suitable sit to ride, so at synthesize lousy Kai Rui on summary of real strenght is on raising, but is draw on the single body real strenght."Li Jun to the leaves sing breeze introduction after death those are three Dou private's ways.

"Is small quick, you are all right?"The man finally wide awoke, canning not consider of the full head of oneself was a blood, one face concern the ground ask wife

"Actually took place what affair?!"The autumn strong Ze frighteneds to disgrace, can directly vibrate this and show

"The dint of the concealment still on the whole can, however not know that how is the power of dreamland?"The absolute being knew a time of time to once sweep, the Du flew to see islet to after doing not have a silk breathing the leakiness be satisfied with that the location nods, then once the body form move to, according to going to battle a method door to come out islet, and confusedly rushed to come in later on.

"Are you painful?That I set free for you!"Looking at at present dozen the crazy Hao for rolling, the Du flies to again wave hand, that handle knob gun suddenly put into is beating to roll of crazy Hao mouth in, let pain and sufferings thousand times go crazy Hao not from strong endure to pipe down, double eye imprecation the ground hope Du to fly.He in mind hates that adopted daughter to hate now want to die, if early know this guy to is a devil, he kills to can't listen to of adopted daughter speech phrase, either, take a person to come to pick up quarrel here!


"Will the space passage when appear?"See one green to return to a cockpit, the Du flies a calm and steady face to ask a way to her.

"Yes, elder generation."The Du flies to nod should a , start calculating in the heart whether now leave medium cloud star, prepare to once wear to disorder a star area by transmission.

"I ……" gold is small to open also a bit sorry and ashamed, just and really forgot still and have card to pull so one thing.Sudden the gold is small 1 opening foot stumble and very heavily fall down at ground up.

The gold is then small to open to just step into this room, ate an in the heart surprised-the middle in room, unexpectedly the unreal suspended one to gobble up a pit!That gobbling up pit is obviously a high level goods, not only the physical volume wants greatly and gets much, is more bright on the color brilliant, numerous colourful light often and from above burst out, turn to make a Tao Kuang rain, slowly the dissipation is among the whole ice room.

"Since it is so, that I join concealed bead space to mean to welcome to you!"See the in the moment strong difference monster thousand times hate bitterly to the person of variation, the Du flies big Anne in heart.Is tiny tiny on smiling, the Du flies and then signals hint difference monster to keep up with him and leave this to suspend a mainland and rush through to return to toward the Earth.

See this circumstance, the great white crane true person fights of the idea have already been getting thinner, in the heart Be scolding Du to fly and thinking how to escape.But the Du fly namely Wu now, any respects a true person and burning the fire work properly monster resultant force under, the great white crane true person thinks to want to go and also cans not figures out the way for succeeding in escaping.Momentary, she can the gnash teeth in hatred ground start to blame and scold Du to fly and clearly have already instructed burning fire to work properly a monster toward him of severe, but he still keeps wearing a way, What an a dullard!The green city basically should not has to invite his idea!

Surprise later on, public in succession no longer speech, respectively seek a place to meditate self-discipline to get up.However from that time on, they before to the high regard produced for flying Du, also started becoming awe ……

"That didn't we look for grandpa Ma?"The small joy listens to the Du fly so on saying, some ground of Leng Leng ask a way.

Across the moor?' said Sir Henry,very surprised.' But you have told me again and again not to do that.'

After waiting Lin Hai Tian to leave,

After we fight, I probably don't want to talk with you, but I will pour cup tea for you, because you are probably thirsty


That palatial Wei E is stalwart, sumptuous, only whole all send forth white ray of light, and none silk difference color.Palatial Gao Ji Shi's meterses, the thou of shape is fragrant thou color, cornice Dou arch.Two front doors originally closed tightly face to face, by this time but bomb however open, peeped out inside appearance.

As for said by car Xuan station use to depart from this life sea person of soul chain machine, that just be the broad still need to sign memorial arch!The sea person of dying, what call the sea person of dying?Fall dead, bump dead, ill ……a series of in the dead method, perhaps and only can't have nature die of old age, because front of those die method, as long as Gao Gao moves in the last monk, can accomplish.Be like car Xuan the station have been suggesting and let sea people Be around carry on cultivating and existing in the hole mansion similar, as long as having the sea the person and departing from this life because the championship of environment is inferior and discard, that he can above boardly harvest soul!

2 Bs a see is a jade at the male come in, just have to refrain from rash action of say:"The jade is total, you came, sit, have fun in Hainan of how?"

"Du Du, the protection cover strength lowers 17%."Along with under the variation person's backstroke deadlock, the moxa rice in good time notified war situation, let the Du fly tiny the heart drawing tight relaxed down.

Should know, only to these two outsiders of oneself and distance snow not reveal just.Suddenly the Chi gusset that pulled to pull an orchid degree in the sky of one side, shy with stranger living ground to point at other crystal persons in the stones, way:"They ……all dead?"

"Hum, our house so several years are in the relation of Hong Kong aren't a silk the least bit!As long as the opportunity to seek killed that to bind bandit head of group, that only had the testimony of Gou soldier, we let out a rumor again and say to is Gou soldier and that shameless woman to collaborate with when the time comes, and again be been bought by the summer house, other Hao door affirmation inside the harbor will choose to believe us at that time, after all we ratio summer the bottom Yun of that nouveau riche in house Be strong to be getting tooer many!"See the peacetime keep making an oneself's experience and training not enough father, the first time in eye peeped out commendatory ray of light, Li Su Mao was to get encouragement general, contentedly says.

Originally just and the jade is in the first-time time for male leaf cloud Qian realized what called to rose the felling of the fairy, this was nearby also helping jade to play joke on himself/herself at the male because of best friend for oneself, that felling stimulate more not to say, originally short habit of she come of sooner and more violent.

Those ferns snakes that side drill from the light cover, and then sneak in an underground, however in several seconds, they unexpectedly from underground fierce bump light of cover!Although only covering superficial defence capabilities is very strong, in the underground but extremely weak, drive bump shot several bottoms behind, immediately bomb however spilt open, deep-fried become numerous light points to float to spread to air.

Or sign line, if return empty-handed so of words, it is too to suffer a los really ……"

Chapter 8 district in the center(next)

Originally all having already prepared is great anger, but later on Yin Zhi male quickly calm down down.This is that he is consistent forces the habit that he forms, but this made it a rule to save him in the mercenary soldier battlefield a lot of time.Calmed down down, the Yin Zhi male quickly thoughted of a way of surname sister mental defense line that opens a summer, the Yin says with a smile:"Do not you worry family?If if you died, your family estimate very sad!At least at converse with me, your that strain thousand times of the father will be very sad!"


The game this time from five college each hospital a teacher come to take assize.Both parties' troops walked to be present the center to mutually be apart from more than 30 rices to respectively stop a step, the leaf sang breeze and Li Jun to walk to judge of salute each other before the body, add a virtuous wood to declare after seeing one the eye four other assizes:"The team match starts now, the both parties shows off its ability and displays your strongest real strenght."Five five corners that the assize respectively backs a training field after finishing sayings stare at to see both parties of game.

From now on, my incisor had no, but my nearby but many fatty.Is so fat, but call wood handsome, really make to smile! -Mo Mo's BLOG

To the Zou ocean just of caution think Du to fly heart know is the belly clear, but how can cares by his present state?However knock Zou ocean for the sake of the knock, province can behind not control, he hears the Zou ocean sounds out of on asking, then and coldly say:"Lead the way!"

"The blessing cloth Lai gram teacher!Save me!"Once the blessing cloth Lai gram open door, the Joseph hurtled into and grasped his hand to excitedly entreat a way.

, Especially see oneself's son still benefit from adversity to find out a future daughter-in-law, don't lift much happy, after all 2 Bs also eldest brother not small, the wedding has already become two old secret concerns and this time be regarded as completely trust, waits a 2 Bs to completely stand up and then hold to do a wedding, and jade lovely in two old in fronts are also completely become a person, at 1:00 all not obstinate have no reason, two old what to coax be all day long all smiling, to daughter-in-law of this future is satisfaction pole, bad now Be about to call a daughter.

Just passed and divided time soul coupling, two bear each other out a certificate bottom, the Du flies immediately for previous Chen Shi Bin of strange appearance found out reason, divide time an alert later on, this then broke off coupling, and car wood the 2 people company measure a counterplan.

Fairyland originally and at the beginning drive variation person shot Kui moment, the great ability in the fairyland cooperated to protect many fairies, however the variation person's weapon caused the hole of space and inhaled all of them.Henceforth many fairies therein look for long ten thousand years, pay the price of death and harm innumerable after, this just take off to trap but.

See the shape that the small male respects a farmland, the Du flies to know that he went crazy about and quickly, however he still thinks the fast- widing awake secret is from this guy body the top know to cast a glamour from the spirit, wanted to think and then used to work properly to know a tiny sting for a while small male respect knowing of farmland sea, immediately make him come back from calming down from the crary edge.

" ……Does the Qiao expect?"Be flown by the Du to ejectively work properly to know one earthquake, that bewitching baby expects behind of demon fix to immediately have some to meticulously say, eyeful of can not believe.He is to just realize that here have small sky of monk Du to rob, this just dares to peep.But after coming, he discovers only a mankind's monk standing over there, then think

The this time speak that hears a Gou soldier, Li Heng Yang not from ordered to nod, the tone is loose to move some ways:"That you think well, must figure out a way that doesn't have the loophole!"

Several hundreds of near Wei soldiers line up into two rows and partition the crowd that the wayside welcome, immediately that flies there is again a group of persons on the empty boat walked down.These people are exactly princes to fill Ni Er 1 line.


Qian Xiao Qing sees Tang can the oddness of the son one face is a root impossible facial expression, hence smiled to smile to say:"You are an authorities fan, otaku is what kind of person we all know, you are earliest with the person whom the otaku makes sure a relation, only this has already made you leave certain position in his in the mind, only you by yourself without discovering just, time at ordinary times what otaku lifted at most of is you, this perhaps only I just know, because I like a computer, and then learn of the accountancy is professional, always the logarithms word statisticses a type of comparison sensitive, so although I don't know an accurate number,I can understand of tell you, what otaku lifted at most of a female kid is you, I and small Qian they are all less than you up some."

See the arrival person's smiling face, is a tower Be beautiful to feel the smile that oneself seems to see Satan, unbearable all over beat one cold war.

PS:The second arrives more!Invoke a ticket!

"What matter?"The Du flies to wait until to celebrate cloud to pant noisily to catch up, some interrogatively ask a way, he now still in the office of department chief for celebrate cloud to appear to have some doubts,is a power color bargain?At the thought of this possibility, the Du flies heart in flash across one act act dirty appearance, not from have chicken skin pimple.

In the Huang city of on stiring marking to leave, and still always toward the transmission of the west direction but go!

Two females are also be made in the male so sudden action by the jade of some fluster, however they still have no opportunity to escape, because jade at although the male sits down come, the hands haven't loosenned to open, but the hip that directly slipped two females, then two females flurried protect their own chests, it was what facial expression to don't see the other party.

After empty boat gets off the ground, the gold is small to open then beginning visit everywhere, he after all still a young men, don't like to what stuff ground to stay to take a rest in the cabin room.Because this interstellar the empty boat physical volume is very huge, so the recreational area of top also very big, in even still have facilitieses like bar,etc, many who practice moral teachings also all likes to this kind of place to kick back and enjoy a mood.

"How do you do!"Although Wei in the door early and early stuck out a railing, six green didn't shot up to drive into small area all the way, but reduced slow car soon, while passing by a Wei nearby also to he wearing a smile asked good.

Chapter 9 pathetic apprentice(next)

"Is that elder generation!"The green jade precious jade is suddenly surprised to shout at this time a , suddenly says.She at the right moment occupied to go out and had no in those early years and the teacher just enjoyed to know teacher in since the childhood afterwards together drive happy the Zhong collaborated with enemy opponent to harm dead, however at the right moment had at that time an elder generation passed by, it just let the small joy escape by luck.

"What?Force's being four gold Dan elders is put out, the dust wonderful old way is also flown by the Du dozen left one silk remnants soul?"The great white crane true person once listens to a parties in the making collective report of scout, this just knew force be of loss, shocked remaining in heart, but is to force be of steal a chicken not to become eclipse chase the rice is inwardly funny.


"Hey, you like so the responsibilities all is the Lan on you?How to do that your ability?Oneself puts on neck to thank world?Don't pull."The fire tooth speaks of mean words and also makes people very suffered.

"Is alas, in fact with the very green natural intelligence and the perseverance, fix in order to completely can be again further, but my feeling's believing in at present supplies is short of, compares dint to believe in also very not arrive where go to, completely is held up her!"Think

The big fellow of doorway hears the voice of bellowing of Gao Jing Bo and immediately rushed toward to come in.See young master, two big fellows immediately come forward the lower jaw of kneading Xu Ting, let she not from opened a mouth.

Little monkey also way:"Doing not say is other, the list says your ability will we are from that death mine inside lane come out, we also affirm to want to mix with you."

Receive the Si manages of the ground position in the wound door that carries to be located in east up, harm door conduct and actions three of head, among them, the spirit of fighting weighs very much.Any person who gets into this by all means harms heavy and, although it is said be unlikely to die but the wound suffered from is a pole to harm vitality, the warrior of sunshine country a got into ground to carry to imitate a Buddha to sink into in thousand in general, that is thick the actually heavy spirit of fighting let these maneuver nautical pirates are also surprised whole body cold sweat, along with strategies of turn almost will have four weapons in each moment attack sunshine country the warrior is four vital parts on the body, this kind of like Wu life Tu general of the attacks let sunshine the warriors are impossible to effectively guard against, forward each one steps will be even on the body to add a wound.When these whole body scar, the whole body is the sunshine warrior of blood to come out ground to carry a for an instant signing of drive seven kill to gobble up but go into, they die of the destiny could say to destine.

Ps:A lot of affairs happened for recent[one] month, very sorry don't renew.However the modern living has already resumed normal, the draft should be able to also renew as usual every day, very sorry everyone.

"Not just summer house that is to the witch!Boon gets on the car to say again!"Listen to to come to hand next inquire, Li Heng Yang cannot helps but complaining a , but immediately he feels to talk some insecurities here and throw down an after in a hurry run to his car side, order to open an electronics lock, opened a car door to drilled into.

"Actually is to leave, still keep ruining right away?"

Wish you to have a bright future,

The gold is small to open today be subjected to of shocked have already arrived more hard count, he to just know now, originally all parallel space mankind are the first mankind's branches.Suddenly come out a mind in his heart, mumbling way:"That first pure breed mankind, be ……is us the Earth mankind?"

撃 Does Tuo An Zhi pound the Se Jian?middot;Mr. Holmes?Does the 斔 solid ㄆ cut Tang solid Kui?


"Your meaning is to say, this city is also a kind of Hong Huang difference monster?!"The gold is small to open is really hard to believe, way:"But it how does the possible president of association become the shape of house?"

The gold is small happy medium to whisper:"Want Lao Tze and girl's son to mix together?That be more troublesome."

Let out absolute being to know to sweep to go, the Du flies heart in suddenly a surprised, because his absolute being knows to imitate a Buddha drive 1 F the unseen cover son hold up similar, can not explore to go into to suspend mainland inner part at all.

"The western mainland holds once every decade city with each other, is each time associately held by three groups, the younger generation once takes part in seven times city with each other, but is a sky here, the feather believes in, ground long grass parties and others' three groups in the source door unite to hold the fixed location of city with each other, before to lead several times."Hear the Du fly to suddenly ask and fly Hong to have no the slightest and flurriedly answer way.


Seal a Ling not from must lightly cough for a while, wake up with a start water is thousand Lians, water thousand Lians this just embarrassed way:"Laugh.The words that don't mind come over to sit for a while, do we have a chat?"


For it the energy in the equal to strategies provide a machine.Whichever compound strategies, were it not for gather to work properly to inset a set at in, can depend to put of worked properly a stone to provide spiritual influence, and could not ask for help of world vitality to slowly resume.

At wild mentally dense time dollar in, unique be free from influence of, is that piece of embed among them of the navy blue color star sky mainland.Construct in the huge hall on the blue mainland, just and slowly the rhyme wears, imitating the Buddha is a heart of huge monster.

"Heart chain Jue?"The Du flew to just get into the novice who fixs true boundary, is three weights of words to the heart chain Jue, pretty much understand in his heart now.

"You are four orders that listen to a Doctor Ge now, immediately send to that experiment body to go'ally'there, as for you have to defend of place, I will re- send a person pass by!"Big fellow just on putting the contact machine to the ear, opened match boon at there order way, finished saying to directly close to contact a machine after.


"The meaning of the car elder generation BE, take advantage o this opportunity evil palace influence of a public all hold tight, book this comes to disturb the matching of possible existence in the territory of Peng Lai the body expect monk, this recruits to calculate top BE'cause undesired agitation'!"The inquiry that hears wood Huai, the Du flies and then turned to say the suggestion of the station of previous car Xuan.

"Have no the guy of sense of honor!"The gold is small happy medium curse and scold, lower the head heel in distance snow behind.

"All learn!"Be responsible for teach an agriculture technique is Lin Ba Zi of live to account, so Du is after flying to inquire, although he is frightened, or he comes forward an answer way.

"But when I drive a car to go home my conscience beginning has a conversation with me.

Searching is a burst of, the Du flies of work properly to know to suddenly spread a burst of motion, but is at his southwest square not distance, appeared a few pupils of tests, see their attire, should fight an alliance.The test just just started now, these pupils didn't also find out how much thing, so the Du flies direct choice round a line, deal with them to still need to hold up time.

The fire tooth gloats over the disaster of others ground to say with smile:"Do not listen to pure?That I repeat 1 time again:They are each to have and that Ling add wise powerful ruler to differ not many strength!And, that Ling added wise powerful ruler to also come back and saw his appearance and seemed are a with those people."

"You are dry what!"After being flown by the Du to pick light, the wave is green to is immediately abashed to anger, however see the Du fly to burn down clothes, she also can by hand Wu write**, fly Nu to drink a way to the Du.

Of change.Making reference to oneself has been already learned of a few sign lines, the gold is small to open again at bite crystal in the middle join a sign line of"too thou Huang wall", can let to bite like this crystal strengthen defence capabilities, resist stronger attack.

"Wait."Sealed a Ling to seek a place to sit down, the circumstance here, see to seem to be not is very bad, seal a Ling to think, oneself really has no place to go.

"Mao!"A tediousness of deep-fried ring later on, that light of the giant is unexpectedly and abruptly been small by the gold to open of dollar dint the huge hand kneaded to explode!

"Fly some still occupy to want with two famous master niece the company measure, didn't bother Zhu Hua Dao's friend."After be over trades, the Du flies to take back elder to make a card and smiles to beat hello to the Zhu Hua Dao person and then take green jade precious jade small enjoy 2 people to return to own hole of mansion.


Feel.Remember in the past, oneself is from a mankind of commonness to blended to gobble up a pit, after again crossed Ding space in the sky, until Qin Di's space, of still with one action broke the awakening level of fourth rank ……after of how can road stand down?If really acquired working properly of extension life span actually, immediately after should do what?

60, the youth as soon as pawn namely never again Shu.

Those seamans are absolutely like the small sheep being lovely to follow, the gold is small to open fore the noodles walks, they gingerly follow in the behind, even the atmosphere doesn't dare to breathe heavily as well.

Chapter 21 year old cold three friends(next)

"That ……"

The denizen here heel he before guess of similar, in shape combine indiscrimination with mankind of the Earth, and they also claim to be "mankind" by themselves.The only dissimilarity, lie in shape-zenith the space mankind's eye pupil of eye pupil is a Shu line, but the Earth mankind but is a circular.

Used shot to harm Du to fly with all strength, the solid Lun did obeisance to just rise one pleasant sensation of silk revenge in the heart of leader of alliance, see the nether circumstance take a sudden turn and develop rapidly, four star elders of war alliance perish in a moment four, immediately also can not consider of in the Du to fly Sa of body annoy, broke away to fly Lue pass by.

Throw a person!Throw a person!

Outer circle still such, be placed in the Du of two kinds of worlds truth collision to fly and any respects true 2 personses, drive strong energy wave moment the shot fly.Very at this time Du's flying those four space cracks of surroundings have been already disappeared, otherwise under the impact of energy wave, he by all means drive sharp-edged of the space crack pare into two halfs!

Get the Du flies of order, the moxa rice then has no again problem of investigating the transmission, but the weapon system of bright airship, prepare to launch an attack to the variation person's base.

Chapter 14 blood test 3(next)


"Is saying so what you are long to living a palace to come to seek me on your own initiative?"Seal a Ling to knit the brows to ask a way.

"Say so, have they really already left a black Ze star?"Hear the diverted period monk guarantee to say car Xuan a station 3 people absolutely leave and pondered a short moment in five elder hearts and changed direction the vision diverted period the monk again makes sure a way.

"Drink!"See atmosphere suddenly some not to, the Du flies to raise the wine bowl invites a wine way to year old cold three friendses, then the stuffy head one mouthful drinks bottom.

Cooperate to deal with an otaku."

!"See the Du fly to pull a door to come in, the small male respects a farmland to want to respectully go a gift, but sees after those two skill Jis that perform in the on the stage, strong endured his action, flew to in whisper send greetings to 1 toward the Du just in the mouth.

Those empty boats of leaving originally was subjected to serious damage, even if want to escape to all can not do it, soon then changed into an ashes in a voice explosion.

Ascend police car after, several minutes inside the gold Be small to open to then and mostly control to drive a method-certainly, that driver's method that is just crazy Mao to bump indiscriminately just, but this opens to the small gold to say to have been all right already!


See leaf sing breeze to nod to agree, in Li Jun Yan of that dulcifies but is clearly increased a lot.The leaf sings the breeze that dulcifying of obvious increment to suddenly feel that his/her own decision is right in the middle of seeing Li Jun Yan.The leaf arrives at this along with Li Jun after singing breeze to fill with the fuel in the fuel stove first the deck of boat by oneself on.


Afterwards, the girl knows the boy is brokenhearted, and very sad, then tell a boy, "I have way to help you."

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