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"That why fight the person of alliance will find out here, and still does the pupil that you originally should depart from this life do conductor?"Na gram many elders tightly force the ground cross-examine a way.

Blue mountain sword, in the early years, dollar baby's the youth shape, the silent few speech, only woulded should answer when the Du flies openings and gave others a cold shoulder, however eye in contain hard release the sadness of bosom, obviously and ever once had a career for canning not bear to recall.

I soon met another neighbour of Sir Henry's.His name was Mr Frankland,and he lived about four

"This time Mo sorrow valley and others although the fish clan there is no great damage,the bad vehemence in heart is necessarily hard to swallow bottom, " hears the inquiry of Chinese scholar, the Du flew toward him to smile to say with smile, "for now it account, we integrate the influence in the group alliance quickly, let other each parties we China Wei believe in absolutely

Courageous empire of 2,000 weigh to ride a soldier just at slowly acceleration, if let these heavy rode a soldier to hurtle so and then can hardly resist, 3,000 hussars of absolute being song empire obviously understand this truth, so they tried very hard to tap they under the body of war horse, hope they can the time that hurtle truely in that steel big current hold up them, otherwise these 3,000 hussars the still not enough other party sticks between teeth something to sew.Their effort didn't waste, 3,000 hussars saw to die by 1 kind if the vehemence a head of returning was firm to enter that steel of among the big current, but so also however is defer

The defense secretary, who expects a Na cow to hope to in a hurry rush through before fixing attention on, sees again to put in the investigation report on the table, the mood gradually quelled down from raving fury.

"Also about!"The Du flew to want to think, answer way.Spread although the dozen there is no composition,also is regarded as relatively coming close Wu Dao.

A year, say long very long, say short also very short.

The gold is small happy dirty to wildly jump not only, absolutely exceed every minute 120 times!He a side tightly stare at the action of underneath, a noodles beginning takes out the getup of this activity from the pocket-dug two silk stockings of eye holes!The silk stockings set is on the face behind, perhaps even if is that the gold is small the old father and mother opening lives to come over, can don't necessarily recognize come out this is own son.Take a set of cotton gloves, body on the his hand black windbreaker-this windbreaker mainly for covering up him that can not stretch straight legs-after again and again confirming he couldn't leave any evidence, the gold is small to open to push away a window, a jump to keep on keeping jumping from the fourth floors!

"Say two tasks for me again, I still have two colleague's demands!"Result but come from everyone's idea to anticipate, that bounty hunter sees others all stop inquiry in times before, milli- Don't mention it crowded past, pass to fly an EUR 1,000 way for Du.

Then jade at male will what other things all threw brain, because doesn't oneself in the moment still have a beauty, the person can not always have insatiable greed of, so good beauty by himself/herself always need to enjoy for a while, otherly this time oneself can not also begin at least.


Only, the gold is small to open the qualifications that hasn't used this front door, he also calls from a flank along with that officials is an up giant side door into.Emperor temple inside, is all to forbid Wei to go on circuit everywhere, these people all the real strenght is extraordinary, differ most all is to own two rank real strenghts, still have a few difficult to know breathing at the emperor temple deep place at the same time deeply, time the guard wear circumferential of environment.

"I …… I ……" sees the Du fly to turn angry face, week small United States temporarily didn't know what good.She sees in the afternoon the Du fly to make moves generous, don't also have to her what"is additional to request", then have idea, think whether can accompany the Du to fly wager again for several days, so she can get more tipses.So wait until Du to fly and open widely after Chuan leave, she even the house didn't also return, have been following, where want to know that the Du is flown to live in the evening, well early and early tomorrow morning wait him.

This is also the life Fan Jia Mo pain.

Double feet malicious malicious one Duo, accompany with a burst of mud to float in the sky, the Du flew to jump out from the underground.However he is immediately some to startledly discover, just that leave of about 50 four stars experiment body all facing come of the direction escaped, so a short while effort, already soon from his visual field in disappear.

"Is alas, this matter …… this matter ……" elder Tan draws a deep sigh, small track:"Perhaps bother big.We ……at save you come back of time, also grasped to catch several individuals back, have among them two ……two persons of absolute being acts ……"

She sadly smiled and said, this was a kind of very special soap, but the flavor cans not last.What I said isn't this kind of flavor, another ……be ……you understand what I said is what ……smell get?

"Are you really rich?"Wait mulberry to reach after run over, the Nai Nu has some to puzzle that the ground asks to the Du fly.

Tiny Leng for an instant, the all summers clansmen soul immediately explodes with rage and roars and shouts to rises Teng but rise and tightly make track for the gold of front small open!Although all of these summer clansmens are the statuses of souls body,the strength had by them is very unusual, will never be more lousy than general four rankses to gobble up, see the speed that the gold is small to open to flee elsewhere, there is even also the cachinnation voice that a few summer clansmens send out to disdain, completely doesn't put him is in the eye.

"Hua!"The ground is a , several 100,000 audiences disorderly rush to escape, the summer clansmens all have the ability to can directly fly, momentary the whole Dou white shadow inside the monster field fall thick and fast, everywhere all like have no head fly sort Duo road to fly to escape of summer clansmen.Gold small open also not know actually take place what affair, explode just in the beginning, was rushed escape of the person flows bind ride on outwardly move, however he nearby of although the summer Huan was also similarly struck with panic,had been dying the hopeless situation grasped a gold small the arm opening didn't put.

Because the wave is green to have already promoted Du to fly on the legal power on the airship, so moxa rice to the order that the Du flies without procrastinating, by leap and bound probe into a turn of after answer way:"The lower left of the airship 1,000,000 meters place there is a mankind's planet, however didn't jot down in star diagram in the cosmos!"

"We the body monk isn't that you say will coerce a having no of person Dan thieves!"With Du fly with each other stare for a long time after, two leaders just one word a ground say, then on waving hand, surroundings of the body monk immediately spread out and round the Du leaving in the field to fly and two leaders round a turn son.


Son can be in mind to sigh in sorrow earth shine to do and remember at the same time it was footloose to live before, part from pity part the but again hand and foot be familiar with ground to manipulate frost to work properly Ding, a short moment time then worked well to prepare a work and formally threw in a chain machine.

The Du flies now and six green Wans begin to walk into be partial to a palace, immediately drew on the attention of many people, however etc. they to realize that the Du flies of fix for after deeply canning not measure, the facial expression then show unintentionally in succession suddenly, no longer pay attention to their 2 people.

This is a pure age, this is a moving story, and this is a heart that is full of to vindicate:First love as if the snowflake in spring, look like very beautiful, but fell top in the ground the have nothing at all …-record

"?"Is long to enjoy

Suggestion:smile several more every day, not only is to acquaint with of person, also can to the stranger.Thus, you by all means usually harvest the smiling face of people's amity.At the time that mankind smiled appearance good-looking, not believed you towarded a mirror shine on.When you smile to the other people, people also to your smile;When you from the heartly smile, you

See the Du fly to smile, still the milli- inattentively goes straight up, that female once the headwaiter eye pupil turn and sink a voice to drink a way:"You say, if I shout a man xing of Z country harasses me, surroundings of person how to do meeting?"

"BE?Originally in the my son eyes, is a father unexpectedly is that have no

See those low class experiment the body will break warnning line, He Er south the elder suddenly descended to settle decision and started reading 11 class breezes to fasten scope sorcery-the voodoo of wild breeze book.

Although held up an attack, those fierce monster cards pull all understand, this is just a temporary affair, the gold is small to develop the attack of continues, once exhaustion red light protect the defence capabilities of cover, that waits for these be fierce to a monster of leave to die for.A few fierce monster cards pulled to unwillingly roar several voices and had already immediately and then and by leap and bound turned round to fly to walk.

The method of studying wants to pay attention to three to arrive, is a heart to arrive, eye arrive, arrive.These three arrive to all want actually true at of attain.BE reading this while studying, don't thought of don't segment, this hasn't finished reading to read, not important cause in order to have no interest, lost curiosity, jump another , but the east turn over west to read, Be not willing to calm mind, according to logical order of finish reading.Have to there is norm while studying, read a book or homework, have to there is more lenient term, but not ability because time has surplus, etc. terms to shalls arrive soon to just start reading, a hasty under on the contrary hold up an affair, so a rules turn well will be hurriedly hard working.

After finishing filling a form, the Du flies and then starts doing exercises in gymnastics, although the speed that absorbs spiritual influence now as if the turtle climb,can do some is some, all want to keep to frequently do the disposition with no stop at any time, is the root that does a martial!


Chapter 95 is courageous to lend a soldier

This is also the life Fan Jia Mo pain.

Section 367 another role plays

The leaf sings the true current of air that the breeze gradually feels inside the body after splitting one several ten Zhangs to turn the felling that started appearing some arrearages, and the Zhang dint that splits is far far have no just beginning the male Hun like that was deep.Appear a circumstance like this not that the leaf sing the real strenght of breeze not benefit, only because some special circumstances would appear of, first, is leaf to sing breeze not to acquaint with naval battle, in addition to attack outside he still needs to leave one dint inside the part to keep the aquatic balance is at the sea, second, these of him and Li Jun in time completely be depend living to eat sea in of visit fish to fill stomach, although it is said be unlikely to starve but also however is the depletion of basic maintenance oneself just, third, is the amount of evil Sha Be getting tooer many.The leaf sings breeze to give up true spirit to outside put under these conditional check and supervisions of combat method but is change near body physical fight.

Is quiet:

Jade at male early there heard that the jade is lovely and some circumstances with 2 Bs from the mental derangement, so the jade was lovely to say of these words jade is also a bit interrogative at the male, because the normal circumstance should not will do so to seeing jade lovely of, she isn't to have already been subjected to a Nue tendency person again, Be free and then seek point is scolded for 2 Bs by the head, so front jade at male also just think the jade is lovely is really not intentional of lead, or because look after a second half shen over a long period of time

However even if guessed to is what Du flies do, Xue Ling Jian also not say what, have to unclearly guard a personnel order way to that value:"Need not survey reason, look for person to equip those all fix good go!"

"Indeed as expected is Zong remarkable talent in a sky!Pretend to be a saint, you really sought one good disciple!"The Du flies to just and with full intention and pleasedly think a problem and suddenly see two shadow of human figures appear at his in front, being exactly a car Xuan the station and wood Huai is 2 people.Want to come be just and multifariously moved in a sudden by him disturb.

Congratulate Gao Kao Qi to open to win, offer up gift to be in remembrance of by making.

, It is a vacant facial expression to can only cherish each person.

"Is long joy way the friend seek at under occupy?"See the long happy true person face to come over, the Du flies hurriedly speed the step walked pass by.


Fairyland's seeming has been having no destination, is all white cloud to float everywhere, occasionally peep out so 12 families, also living a curling up in the air chimney smoke.

In each back of nation, all conceal to fix a true group, among them, three front doors of eastern mainland send stronger, but nine groups of the western mainland are tiny to show bad situation.However, under each relation with complex group, now thing two pieces of mainlands seem to be very quiet, don't the slightest want to break out the trend of conflict.

The gold is small to open to feel a bit puzzling:"What family training does this calculate?Unexpectedly still want student to decide a course ……"want to return to think, but pay of is a big Ye, even if their request again the peculiar decuple also isn't all problem.

Once took medicine later jade to ask a way at the male:"Is small pure, also need to drink water?"

Absolutely too grand view!

"Before what to take the offensive plum mountain is exactly them, have already been all killed light now, neither slip through the net."

The gold is small to open to knit the brows a way:"You are were it not for what affair, that I can walk."

The next morning I told Sir Henry what I had seen.

The gold color card pulls!

"Fly one degree elder generation, don't know if we are also lucky to listen teaching of elder generation?"The proposal that hears a Zhu Hua Dao person, the Du flies to haven't come yet and answer, those monks of jade liquid peaks compete first fly to entreat a way to the Du.

"The boon thanked you, old slowly!"The time been just old to slowly make collective report, Du's flying has already stood up and see him Dan bottle Tao over after, then smile to clap to clap his shoulder, then wave hand to accept all of the jade bottle of in fronts into the universe to quit in.


Along with horary of change that to falsely copy although still seeing not pure facial expression but being decorous is many, another Hao however sense of right are same at this time of sing explosion but of the body of breeze from the leaf, and greatly have and that arrogant is a power, along with four increasing of vehemence more misty light falsely copy the same emergence sings breeze at the leaf of after death.Two as different as chalk and cheese vehemences at the same time appear on a person this has never appeared on the self-discipline history of mainland.

Have a sky you to say:"In an interesting condition joys in your school yours, you give them an opportunity.If he likes you, you also a little bit like him, at

Imitating the Buddha is to feel under of vitality violent motion, the whole numerous different monsters that the canyon existses all start rashness moving, in succession of facing other places escape.The gold is small to open to feel some scared Dans of Zhan, nearby can see various different monsters everywhere at him, the body figures are all huge and matchless, even he still saw a group of Jiao whales also flee elsewhere in the madness.

Result a see under, the great white crane true person got a fright, because the Du flies now just 40 many year old!Is also say, if that flies the true person of one degree is really a Du to fly of words, that he is absolutely the genius in the genius, short short 50 years, from a lay ordinary mortal to break gold Dan initial stage, but his work properly to know still unusually strong, absolutely can mutually match in excellence with dollar early monk to baby.This means under the sistuation that it's ample to work properly a stone, the Du flies to condense a dollar baby in the in a short time!Want, one is 50 years old still don't arrive of be the monk unexpectedly about to condense a dollar baby?This for whole fix true boundary but speech, will be much vibration?

the mystery of the man with the beard,'said Holmes.'But perhaps we shall soon have an answer to another question.'

Arrival of testing, she sees a glorious placard on his position the position in in the third place still, but her name is not in the top ……his heart drive touch, hence from now on she starts whole body again the nature studied, but purpose only have 1:Let own name row be leaving his recent place.Just pass examination her position always in the size of a time 12 in his behind, no matter how she make great effort to can not attain the position of in the fourth place, either, the disappointment of a time but became the power that she studies, finally at end of that in pass examination, she success of let their names line up at together, be just this time she the third he 4 ……

The gold is small to open Leng for a while, the bitterness wears a face way:"Seek a passage that has been already existed?You not is play trick?Have a liking for here the root is large and limitless, absolutely is like a cosmos, does this let how I seek?"

Thought of and then do, this is the Du to fly a consistent style, however he still takes this time car elder generation, must respect the somebody else's opinion.

"Leave, also doing not know can seek to get that horse elder generation, if can not find, also don't know that this flies one degree elder generation meeting how to us!"Disappear grandpa Ma of tail to Long Jian Shou of that absolute being, the green jade precious jade is really the confidence that didn't find out.The at the thought of behind Du flies to therefore get mad, in the heart not from one Zhan.

"Please forgive at under presumptuously ask a , everyone can how many crack teachers help me courageous?"Li Tai wanted to want to open

After getting the advantage of this kind of accident, 51 areas immediately world well-known biologist way Doctor Ge, and many living creature science field the famous researcher please come to base, then take out respectively a bottle of five-star and the gene medicine of six star classes make them carry on a research.As for leave of a bottle of six the star class gene medicine and five bottles of five-star gene medicines, then direct give super can fight brigade captain to open match boon and those five remarkable talents of four star classes to inject, let them start evolving.


"I pour and see you to endure how long!"See the Du fly calmness down, the wave is green to think that being that he is strong to endure is scorching hot, then temperature

Heart still just the nature and man engage of Xiao Hui, see allow the Shan in the Ting eyes now of resolute, at heart suddenly a surprised, already can not consider of again think what, from the curtain after leap, one feet full face the Yin smile of Gao Jing Bo Chuai is dizzy.

The eye sees cold 3 people of ice and whirling more and more near the mind of Ao snow not from a flap:The decisive battle started!Li Jun's eyes are also a bright:Come!First and whirling hit together of is the ice of the Dou college of private cold, the car wheel ax that sees him takes icy cold of the Dou spirit toward a whirling slender waist limb fierce chopped down to come over, the whirling eye sees the huge ax face a body, the body form in a flash starts to take the lighting of a royal blue to strain in the past, the talons in the hand since malicious and steady hook to ice cold throat.That fast skill is like also a shadow occupation and isn't a Dou private, the ice is cold have no whirling of the huge ax facing in the speed hand before the body a block to listen to"be" of a lightly ring, whirling be coldly and strongly shaken backward and urgently to back by ice, and ice cold body form but connect rock for a while also have no, on the strength obviously be not hold car wheel ax ice cold opponent.Along with once crossing swords of 2 people, the leaf sings breeze and Kelly 6 people also and received 2 Carls to get entangled in fighting together, thou surname three brotherses also facing war the regiment fly to soon close to.

"Yi?"Is at the thought of this, the Du flies suddenly one Leng and immediately rises an idea unclearly in the heart.

'Now,Barrymore,who is your friend on the moor?What's going on?'

"Just listenned to you say with teacher cloud inside fog inside of, seem and believe in inside of supplies relevant, what do you prepare and do?"After needing Peng cloud to just walk, six green green stools take Du to fly and great white crane the true person headed for a grounds, the mouth inside curiously flies to ask a way toward the Du at the same time.

The color of the sky faints to get dark gradually, on China light beginning, whole often mountain City shining the neon light of the one slice, set off night view more resplendent and multicolored.Only, but those whistles voice that roar and shout but lead completely broke the fine atmosphere of the cope of night.

See the Du fly to wrinkle up eyebrows, car old man not from some suppress to bend, he open thousand arm Duo absolute being car Xuan stations, unexpectatively still have

"Is very good!"At this time from strange pair president of association loudly way, " since Na gram many elders have already spoken a medicine virus to develop really

Just before dinner,a telegram arrived.It was from Sir Henry and said:'Have just heard that Barrymore is at the Hall.'

"Give I go to!"The gold is small to open to shout at top of voice, right hand forward and fiercely on pushing, that forbids machine blood emperor to take a vehemence for pressing forward with indomitable willing and bomb however hurtle toward the weakness of origin core!


The gaudiness murder case for breaking out in the high house immediately caused the high value of the city police department, but when the end survey obtains evidence, because the process calculating is some to not too match convention, public security official's bureau chief Han Qiu Ya then makes decision, it is a country to report this legal case to Anne bureau.But country Anne bureau's bureau chief Lin Hai Tian , after listenning to the description of bureau chief Han Qiu Ya, immediately let investigating of under charge the member start registering for the record to investigate this legal case, and report to still stay to wait monk at the great white crane of facing the sea true person, prepare in the time of meeting the resistance, apply for them to carry on help.

"Not and not, I just ……strange."The gold is small to open to embarrassedly smile to smile, asked a way:"That thing can absorb the other people's life, I want it to have what use?"

"There is so many ownerless sky of material ground here treasure at present, and exist an emperor Ge, one square, in those 7 people of inside, I believe that they are very quick meeting because suspect but separate, when the time comes Chen Shi Bin again make a scheming, the condition absolutely disorders and was the time that we make moves at that time!"Listenned to car Xuan the parlance of the station, in the wood Huai heart on moving, managed the viewpoint in the heart to clearly speak out later on, immediately let the Du fly and car Xuan station 2 people repeatedly nod.

", I knew."Smelling the speech Ni can of body form, don't turn round, light should an after, then continue to exceed a step, left room.

Wanted to think, the gold was small to open to say with smile:"Expect Luo Mr. Er, your knowledge is encyclopedic, hereafter must point out us more more."He make"we" aggravating the tone this phrase, however Ba Luo Er still keep being noodles to have no facial expression, seem to be completely have never noticed a small gold to open in the words of small sound out.

"Is alas!"The appearance seen fix opens match boon to stretch hand to clap to clap his shoulder and then turned round to leave after sighing tone.But hasn't been talking of sweet snow son, hope to imitate a Buddha to sharp knife suddenly the vice- captain of sheath sort to fix and turn head again to took a look the captain firmly leaving to open match boon, remember they just had a conversation and suddenly had in the heart several Be getting clearer ……

"Certainly!"The Du flies a point to nod, stretches hand to push away a door and led off to walked into.

Stand after Li Jun of the distance's lookinging at a leaf to sing breeze is split into a ground by Sun Zhong the eyebrows is tiny tiny a wrinkly from the language way:"Scorching sun nine turn indeed as expected power is extraordinary, the leaf sings breeze the leaf sing breeze, with Sun Zhong to definitely you unexpectedly contain by luck of heart.If you don't hesitate with get hurt for the price obstruct Sun Zhong of scorching sun nine turn probably to be still unlikely now so passive.However nine turn have already led six to turn, leave of three turn your can depend on oneself oneself of real strenght go to hard anti-, again want to change by getting hurt back a hand first already impossible!Ha ha, Sun Zhong returns be really try very hard to, an opened a bureau to use scorching sun nine turn!Yi?"Li Jun suddenly feels a burst of and violent energy in the distance motion, quickly twist the head sees, sees a dazzling gold day and a desolate circle a month just at rapid but again violent of approach.

The dint to the utmost pours in the wayside, the in a flash sees, my he-man was a tears to cannot stop flow down, the old man was blunt I flicked to wave hand, I was clear to see, he that is full is the face of crease up, the Zhan opened to finish doing an important event of satisfy.....

"You's body Shu fixs for very violent, with my view, about come to an a situation with early Qiao, and you that strange flame and sturdily work properly dint, so just can fix to have a draw for two leaders that attain for a Qiao middle with body Shu."

Half after the hour, forgot to suddenly urge an one breath, took back to carve knife.Wu Tian to forget hand in on seeing, immediately concussion get up, urge a wheel chair in the past, will forget the stone horse in the hand to take small and soft in hand check to look.


The second dint has already had been being staring at to see Sun Mou after Li Tai finish introducing eight diagrams, be he see of Sun Mou that

He the ground of Na Na could not say words, in the girl's in front that is once heavily once hurt by him, only ashamed.But six small Yues look like none of little bits remember the matter that took place at that time, her smiling face was so soft clearly smooth.3 years in Singapore he tells her to is always that after the event regrets, , he is regretting.He from recognize is a person of docile, but did piece cruelty

"133 squad someone get hurt, 135 squads make change and continue to clean up dirty mire!"See in the vacant land that that female monk facial expression palely lie by the side of the body, have no falsely a corner of mouth flash across one silk if have if have no the ground smile an idea, then air a whole, toward everyone order way.

On this empty boat, in addition to some rich guests, also the one who have to manily practice moral teachings.The in fact every real strenght is stronger to practice moral teachings, all generally can't be in need of crystal currency, say that all of them are the rich also nowise for lead.

He says:You why will satisfy you at pass on-line on the prowl?I want to know.I why again and again once spoke for you exercises, are you to will be wrong?

"Boon, by so doing, we are signed to active ground of!"Finish listenning to the explanation that the Du flies, severals match a body to expect monk in succession and realize among them wonderful place, Han head accredit way.

But, come from his all ideases to anticipate, only have a mathematics on the letter paper-together very complex mathematics.The underneath of has such a words:"Could you untie for me?"

"E ……how are you!"The gold is small to open some present condition of getting mixed ups, subconscious of beat voice hello to that runt.

"Should be?……"The gold is small to open also same is to don't dare to make sure, however is already the last layer here, and the whole thing that is such a to ask for an eye, if this isn't a passage either, that had no nature's law.

Adjusted in brain one face sea City 3D even if supervise and control map, point at one to mark a little bit small and red place to think that the Du flies Xu to say.

"Like, good!"By this time the old on the lord summoned up Zhang, person also stopped to below still want to compare to row, " indeed as expected is hero youth, Du the skill of the small brothers I Jing a life time the male have been already seen, believing the hurl is -like in shape the small brothers say for the Du, also basically be not what problem, we quiet treat after several days Du small brothers into help!"

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