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However no matter be subjected to molestation or pain and sufferings, all need not consequently lose confidence,

"Investigate their to be from background?"Listen to the gentleman see leave thus on saying, beautiful surprised Hong not from ponder get up, a short moment is behind just have some to hesitate ground to say, " if such, perhaps my clan can't was of help, after all my clan isn't likely to send a great deal of clansmen to go ashore to run about."

"Everybody takes parts of pupils to escape, it is a to can escape 1, quickly activity!"Jin Peng was known six Qiaos expect above monk, basically isn't what the strength in the valley can can resist, can next reach flee from home to make, then lead off to rush out a big palace, use to work properly dint to curl up the pupil that the part is rattled to fly off.

[url=http://pandora-jewellery-outlets.999011.n3.nabble.com/Cheap-Pandora-Necklaces-td6.html]Cheap Pandora Bracelets[/url] Thought of here, the Du flew to try to let out to work properly to know, the result was light the loose ground observed him now the position of place.He indeed as expected is on an airship that flies in the space, however scan widely on all sides, invisibly ball, explain that this airship has already very far leaves the Earth.

30 after, have already become negative heavy a head of ox, , in the evening, send out a burst of exhausted moan, but don't know in the morning where rest.

"You process just of disorder after, not tired?Like take a rest." http://www.youtube.com/]youtube.com[/url]


f1 tank tops for men Although is a Cu to cannot compare with to defend, that brigade empty boat only flurried for a while, immediately and then stopped down, each close behind empty boat up all bloom together white ray of light, 12 Tao Kuang long grasses rise Teng but rise and at last and in the sky hand over to remit!Numerous light points splash and finally formed a huge defense sign line!

supra wholesale tank tops Isn't clear so of the leaf sing breeze and Li Jun immediately and in every aspect and mutually Qu, do these beautiful fountains actually welcome them or are a kind of warning of these foreigns to them?The evil Sha king obviously doesn't know that this is to what mean and immediately stop down at first on the prowl to isn't ex- as well.At they astonished difficult to express of time one is old but pretty much the voice of male Hun uploaded from the island:"Foreign, here not you are welcome.You where come and then return to where to.If the advice that doesn't listen to me you will pay the price of issue of blood."Hear this orotund behind the leaf sing breeze and Li Jun understand just those verdant light ball is to one of their warning, but this is the only exit that they leave ocean, they anyway can't send back, either of, thought of that the leaf here sings breeze to lift spirit

ymcmb fish tanks "You say this matter to is you personally see, that in addition to you outside still have who see?"The evil palace big manager is also a monk that the Qiao expects, at the beginning while choosing to be on duty pupil to Rubin this has head the guy nothing important for hasing no brain good impression, however says feeling and pushes to take off due to a staff after however, just promote he be on duty pupil.Listen to now his form tell another on shift duty pupil to run about aimlessly during the period of on shift duty, evil palace big manager not from wrinkly knit the brows, didn't believe his one-sided statement.

NBA Nike impact limited Jerseys 10.Space out to saw, pull to greatly saw, how don't you sing an opera?Sing what?Is red-light-record!

distinct hoodies online "Had better the ability Be little to appear."Cheng Xue wanted to think a way:"Once see our absolute being act the member in fact combine not much, as long as we are a little bit more low-key, thinking necessarily can't have too big trouble."

groove kids nba jerseys In the outer space.

columbus blue jackets custom nhl jerseys PS:The small Du is from house time Xian, tomorrow start repairing to bear debt more of four chapters.The these several days small Du hasn't been renewing, recommendation ticket

Cheap NBA Jerseys free shipping   暮秋此时的脸上大汗淋漓,谁也不知道,最后的力量,竟然也比不过封凌的战劫刀一刀之力,自己已经尽量高估战劫刀的力量了,却没想到还是低估了,没有人能比暮秋清楚,自己的这条手臂,已经是最后一次运用修罗之手了,以后能不能用,还要看能不能过了今晚。

black camo nba jerseys 'The murderer is waiting out there by that light,' said Sir Henry.'He's a danger to everyone.I'm going to catch him.If you want to come with me,Watson,fetch your revolver and let's go.'

monogrammed acrylic necklace Elder brother B V and Chen Xiao Weis see jade thus decadent appearance at the male this time, don't know how to comfort him as well and sat in a short while, let jade at the male thoroughly considered for a while after, they stand up and head for doorway.

Although just a few short words, also let a thunder hat for of a Lin!Currently gobble up among the boundary, the Rong Yan believes in and pole ice's believing in is the biggest two greatest Zong Mens, the real strenght is extremely strong, a


[url=http://uggoutletstore.sportsblog.com/]cheap Roxy ugg boots[/url]  Face variation person of pre-eminent, the pure Huang doesn't dare to save 137 squads long, can continue to flee elsewhere.Can there are a words well said, "again how deceitful fox, also Dou however like to hunt a hand", the pure Huang leans against to flee elsewhere to avoid a variation hunting for of person, but as for time that in the end accidentally lose, result this accidentally loses, he becomes the prisoner in the variation hand, is grasped this base.

Immediately all doom.And appeared the summer of an unexpected happening again now crazy, there is his time immemorial fighting fortress peeping in a side, impress nature is have to such."

"How?"The gold doesn't quit a light tone to ask a way.

Seeing the Ni has never responded to come over, the Du flies and then addeds 1:"I think that I be also a person to continue to practice moral teachings hereafter."

[url=http://cheapuggs.beeplog.com/548315_3023078.htm]Cheap UGG Boots from china[/url] The sorcery teacher can quickly absorb the magic of inside, self-discipline speed also quickly many!"Say, the thunder receives virtuous sighed tone, saying of some dreamses, however immediately he again Song shrug shoulders, some self-ridicule ways, " however the secret place opens each time of time all only have for 40 days.Within 40 days, association and war alliance send the superior of to find out an evil crystal mineral and also need to mine, very urgent on time.Said again, the large evil crystal minerals all had the strong strange monster guards, this gives to collect evil crystal added trouble more."

"Or convene a meeting first, discuss this affair for a while!"The bitterness thought a burst of after, the Ao gives Mu to remain not get its method, then press down this question, start to walk to board room.

"Uncle's leaving is to have the causal, however the uncle will work out this problem.You aren't asking more!"For the problem of Xiao Xuan, the Du flies silent a short moment, in a soft voice say.


[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]polo ralph lauren coupons[/url] "Does the distance flower spend?"The gold is small to open to cry to lose a face of way:"Too soil?"

'I must write to Holmes at once,'I said,and I went straight to my room and wrote a letter to Holmes,which gave him all the details of Barrymore's story.

Looking at Chu text Xuan that Duo Duo pressing attitude, seal to traverse a burst of knit the brows:"What your work properly son, notice proper restraint, she is my fiancee, please hold with dignity 1:00."

"Like, wait green elder sister to return Hong Kong to say again, now this place have a little matter, hang first!"And summer if Xi said severals, six green

[url=http://www.holyrosaryschool.co.za/Resources/FeedBrowser/default.aspx]ralph lauren coupons[/url] The gold is small to open to listen to in mental concentrationly, the momentaries all forgot to talk.

You are that kind of to repeatedly say that you's single didn't love, nearby but the person of always enough love, depressed excesssive look for the love of a fast food type in still just boundless network or dusk bar.Young girl ages of you are a perfectionist, oneself is solemnly a fairy maiden to come down to earth, must seek a prince, uncertain if Arabia of, is also Afghanistan at least.To will soon the male leading role in the love story of beginning, insist greatly whole image standards in height.Afterwards you met man A B C D and got along with down all how to don't be satisfied with, hence start feeling life at afar, love at another place.Again afterwards, you passed a friend to introduce to meet man ABCD again, you think that you reads a person innumerable, enough mature of, hence the regrets"early see through man" and"have no a good thing" and so forth from the heartly.

"That you drive now of this, calculate what?"


[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/publications_dates.htm]www.ecic.co.za/publications_dates.htm[/url] Day after day busy, I just as in a hurry traveler, waste degree my dream's general time.When the time that I unintentionally see till the last a calendar lightly floating to fall in the open spaces background, I suddenly realize:I stood before the threshold of New Year again.I know, whether I wish, the breeze head quarter of years sends to I a day of newness, brand-new year.Hence, I am suddenly ill at ease, return to hope previously, always feel to be ungrateful to that time, but future day again so the Cu cannot compare with to defend the ground walks to me, I continuously remind to let this to come of the penny is an all lead vivid, all lead substantial and full.

The voice breaks continuously and continuously and almost makes people drowsy, however seals more and leaves but seems to have no matter generally and stands over there, quiet exegesis wear Fan Jia Mo.Arrive Fan Jia when the Mo finish reading fiercely open eyes, the hands raise and make a Sa however of action.

"Boon, how are those small miscellaneous fishes really not worth beginning."The wood Huai of flank smells the speech point nod, then suddenly the vision heat slice ground to hope to fly a way to the Du, " Du boy don't know you to learn to have to the organization what viewpoint?"

See that person seem and have the trend to to lose her head, the gold is small to open to hurriedly call a way:"There are words slowly saying, need not worried ……concern about, having already concerned about will complete, you think to be too many also useless."

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/publications_dates.htm]cheap oakley sunglasses[/url] "Is not good!We escape quickly!"The voice that sudden rice Mr. Zhu is rattled rang to get up from the flank.

And the daddy once had breakfast, will daddy after pushing to carve room, the jade put away a bowl of chopsticks and took dirty clothes to come to river's side.

The gold is small to open and sea Si to see one eye, is all burst of in the 2 people's eyes fright.They now the position of place, actually have already been regarded as a branch space, general of the strength don't want to reveal bad this space, even even let its vibration is also an impossible affair.However now have already appeared this circumstance, this can explain, the energy source of the external world is the strongest, extremely terrible!


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Once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting childhood of eyes-once in a very long while novel download net collection sorting

You hope earnestly to do one to guard a disciplinary student, but usually can not control oneself again.You hope earnestly to win glory for class, but lack courage and courage, ability again still not enough.You hope earnestly to study the progress of result, but lack the spirit of stubborn hard working again. Please don't be disappointed and do it slowly and only unremittingly pursue, continuously diligent, let numerous failure establish successful sill, you eventually can get the joy of success!

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas wings[/url]  rest of life for a few hours of this joy. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness--that terrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. I have sought it finally, because in the union of love I have seen, in a mystic miniature, the prefiguring vision of the heaven that saints and poets have imagined. This is what I sought, and though it might seem too good for human life, this is what--at last--I have found.

The "it is dead, no matter what it is, " Holmes says."We already exterminate the demon of your house forever."

Water is pure to work properly to shake to shake head, helpless way:"Do not say more with you, the daddy sought you to occupy, I just come to send word."


[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]jeremy scott adidas bones[/url] The gold is small to open to suddenly think of in times before in the astrospace, he and sea the Si take together of the tens of thousands gobble up a pit, favour way:"That we in times before at dollar dint hole hole in collect of those gobble up a pit, is also?……"

Is proud?Self-respect?Face?Gain or loss?

To be like me let teacher's disappointment!"

"Did you forget?Twos of seven Yao cities are black to help eldest brother be not once said, delivered a monster person of that is peculiar empty boat, is from the evening grand canyon of?"

[url=http://www.ecic.co.za/products_small_content.html.html]adidas x jeremy scott[/url] Disappear gradually on originally kind and genial smiling face of old man face, a vehemence with cold Yin spreads from his body, tone icy cold way:"Your body up how can take the blood of big summer clansmen?This is most my clan the blood of strength of pure and unadulterated, did you where steal to come?"

The gold is small to open to get a fright, hurriedly smile apologetically a way:"You don't want to become angry, this thing can not dig, digging out me will hang ……" positive while speaking, the sudden gold is small to open to feel an ice-cold view covers with on him, let him involuntarily beat one cold war.

The Hui is far wearing a smile to nod.


"BE!"Hear Ba Na Niu of again affirmative, the defense secretary knows that the president has already come to a decision, then doesn't ask again and started to respect one gift, then came out a president office to arrange.

This sign line shell that the gold small development projects releases a sign line light monster after similarly blasting open, but light appearance and effect of the monster but and the gold is small to open before experience of those weren't greatly same.What this shell releases after blasting open is the jelly-fish-like in shape light monster of up to thousand fist sizes, and these only monster all like a hand thunder sort, regardless touching to run into any thingses will produce violently an explosion!

Seal to traverse a to stare blankly, small volume from lately take out a to see, the small volume up and clearly writes "the sword of commons" four big words.

68, head for your face sunlight, that can't have shadow.

"Yin and yang?"See arrive the name of first per class strategies, the Du flies immediately interest to greatly increase and use to work properly to know to continue to keep on fishing for ……

"Hum."Du's flying don't manage him, just stuffy humed 1.

For the sake of the life, the gold is small to open to decide to do a part-time job.

Sea the Si equally also felt far from good, originally he thought with lend him the real strenght that five ranks practiced moral teachings, the greatly full world ran about aimlessly, but saw now, than his stronger enemy was all like that.

"Does the communication work properly a stone?What things?"Drive great white crane true person so on asking, the Du flies some way of interrogatively counter-questionings.

Silently voice walks to jail cabin of outer circle, wave the scanning that is green to pass mentality, discover that the Du flies to have no to break from jail the cabin, not from loosenned tone.

Gao Er Dian is quite good friends, he statures Gao Gao consumedly of, smile very sunlight, the temper is also good.We together study, together paint, mutually and around climb a mountain, share good to listen music, usually chat, speak of very dark, I remember once in class organized everyone go to the movie, still he rode bicycle take ascend me see cinematic.Can envy another girl to die.The day in that time is how fine! http://twitter.com/]twitter.com[/url]


"Is the supplies that the feeling believes in also short of?I still think does the dint only believe in so!"See Peng cloud an of speech the meaning for showing just, the Du flies the viewpoint of seeing with half an eye the other party and greatly settles in the heart, later on but the desire capture past the Zong ground say, " unfortunately at under with thou way the friend have already had engagement, otherwise ……alas!"

Fantasy inside, is that have already passed away several years of youth's story.

The gold is small to open part let out his/her own absolute being to know the action of probing into the big summer clansmen, part slightly some misgiving ground to Yao area way:"Big summer clansmen of time immemorial's fighting fortress really isn't deal with, perhaps will bring serious injury to us.You have what way deal with?"

The appearance of leaf cloud Qian timidity makes other all of three females are in a roars to get up, leaf cloud Qian this just disillusion come over, oneself has what well frightened of, everyone at, again say Tang can son again not is have never touched own chest.

Ticket, but if clearly beat clearly and the gold dollar religion put a rightness,do not fly Hong one to walk alone monk to can prop up.

Sea Si again way:"In the war of various absolute being at that time, the main combat strength woulded be the Earth mankind, they is most also the mankind of origin at the same time.That war spread for a long time, although concrete time remaining isn't clear, however see from some historical data, seem to experience successively several thousand, even long few ten thousand yearses.Start quickly multiplying greatly in the war middleman, seeped through all six greatest spaces gradually in.But the mankind's body was really too weak, weak the strength arriving to need a place to exist space has a little variety, mankind's body meeting immediately change of degree."

The tone of the while speaking still has a little very much not smooth, the jade can affirm at the male if connect down if the jade is lovely to persuade a 2 Bs or give° the wine cup him, so the 2 Bs perhaps and really turns over facial.

Come down, they the big Ji in the hand the profound sting went into the body of the other party inside.

"Can say that again, we can not give up a hope!Some caves don't have the earth Yin to appear, we hide my noodles to go at once."The gold is small happy medium to also summon up courage, he hasn't enjoyed living fine, how may abandon the own life to this ghost place!

When the Du fly the circumstance of probing a bottom of sea, but cannot help but wanting to laugh.At this time eight have already sunk bottom of sea, although have dark fasten energy will he and the sea water partition,the aquatic resistance is after all very big, he can not be like to on the coast and so speed, the expert hand feet counteract facing afar to climb.

Among the body that the gold is small to open to re- blend a fire tooth, but sea the Si then release his the strongest bite a treasure"absolute being


A few close armed escort members also shout at top of voice at the same time and together and together throw one noodles shield similarly bite a treasure and bomb ground one ring, a few pieces bite a treasure unexpectedly the link formed one noodles together huge have no the wall of the crystal stone of companion!

The gold is small to open to just know after after the explanation of fire tooth, originally the image of that Ultrasaurus is only the elephant of a kind of strength to turn.


Immediately, endless of fear the mind that the Jue lived Li Dan Shu.However, the genius is exactly a genius, strong endure a dew voice color not, Li Dan Shu finally found out an empty son and took a cousin to successfully get away from two bodyguards.

Sun Mou who sees this condition not from of shook to shake head:See to these strategies that is set out at the time by the dead thing still defective, as long as a superior gets rid of strategies for the meeting from the outer circle interference, the war is after all soldier- based.

Sealed a Ling to touch touch own of before the chest, unexpectedly discover there to have a blood, not from get surprised Be getting more foolish.

The jade lightly pulls the hand of cloud Qian of leaf and puts her hand to she's chest at the male's opportunity to spot, leaf cloud Qian returns this time

"Heard the story of relevant evil dog when he met to check the jazz of Er Si.He still have to know and check the jazz of Er Si to believe these demon stories, the heart is also very weak."

The huge ice awl easily and then broke the epidermis of big lizard, the fierce sting entered among its body, the blood generally gushes from the wound and sprays to splash top in ice awl and ice wall like the fountain and send out the voice of "Chi Chi" ring, seem in still contain very strong corrosion strength.

"I is come from the outside star, at the right moment meet with you here with each other city, then come over and see."The Du flew to smile to smile and covered up a ground of explanation way.

Numerous mother's eyes are getting moister before the television, .


"Indeed as expected want to use the blood of emperor's clan."Black dress person's leader ordered to nod, to other humalities:"Everyone goes in!"

2 people each other introduce for a while, the gold is small to open the name of knowing that old to be called many Mos, is an at the absolute being boon of in the mainland the sign line of peregrination teacher.And many Mos chat a long time behind, the gold is small to open this just to sign line teacher this occupation contained more overall understanding.

What to close on the heels of that sorcery behind is that a torpedo double fasten sorcery, the lightning flash that see is several hundreds of thick such as the son arm takes big slice of of the water bead is horizontal to get empty but go.Know to all, pure water outside any water chemical elements will conduct electricity, besides which, those lightning flash a get in touch with those water beads immediately will produce an abruption, but produce the thunder and lightnings after splitting ups to immediately start drawing on an air thunder chemical element, become bulky while signing, along with time of changed a war ship of matchless and huge charged barbed wire net facing sunshine country to keep on covering.

One thing then took a risk to leave the Earth, however walked all the way to, because at under fix is really a regret to shout for of underneath, miss a lot of good places, think now coming, returning!"

Seemed to appear one silk deadlock for an instant over there on the whole battlefield, owner all at is more shocked than this red Ultrasaurus of terrible power!However very quick mankind square's empty boat then responds to come over, big

Seal while lookinging at dream son to give repeated advice to him according to that Ling that heartfelt concern, feel very delighted, there is unexpectatively also a his/her own person of concerning so, not from must tease a way:"You call to resist for a sky, elder brother Chen, but call my senior, whether this is a little bit unfair?"

The not so bad jade is always very thick in the male's face of and basically Be not afraid of these things, so the jade towards Qian Xiao Qing at the male strange smiled for a while to Tang can the son beat in the past and in brief said to say oneself and Qian Xiao Qing just on the road, come over right away of have a meal together with them of hang, otherwise Tang can the son not just want to ask east and ask west in the telephone, jade at male although is unashamed, there is still a driver on the car, want and refrain from rash action naturally.

The all these of at present emergence really makes people fantastic, and the true feeling of the whole things felt, this making the gold small to open more and more a place of doubting oneself's place actually isn't a dreamland.If the all these is really true existence, oneself so be not sent to an unknown world inside?However the gold is small to open to turn to read a to think, the guy that is called Xia Yu is still sealed the absolute beclearly ing in the Ding space in sky all medium, how be also not likely to wear

"Boon, the thing that will fly is really difficult to do.However you have already invoked monster ground now fire monster Jing at, greatly not destroy those two things in the sky with it!"The fire tooth starts a Sou idea again in a side.

Stand down to flow cloud mountain, the Du flies to seek the pupil in a territory for passing by and asks the place of knowing the library Ge, then then the luck start a method, quickly Lue past.

"Start."The Cha guesses still very simple and direct.


Chapter 131 genuine feeling tells white

When three ranks practice moral teachings all hurt a fire hand at the ground up behind, he then and gradually stopped halfway this kind of crary training, beginning pursue decrease to time that the war trains, this aspect because he has already mostly controled techniques in it, on the other hand also because he starts feeling sick of this kind of life.

Just dinner, the Du flew to finally declare the news that he wants to walk tomorrow and allowed the heart of Ting now in absolutely very rough sea, can not be calm at all, end, allowed Ting to do decision, that is the tonight to give the Du her body to fly, she doesn't beg everlasting, and begged to once own!

Those yin and yang teachers quickly completed the yin and yang Shu in the hand under the sistuation that no one obstructs.Sees those yin and yang teacher hand in of the method Zhang in the sky and continuously draw the pattern of six long grass stars of a , although six long grass stars are many but color top but only 4 kinds are a baby blue respectively, jade-green color, orange red and soil yellow.Even if is four country's allied troops these persons who don't understand anything to the yin and yang Shu to also see the differentiation of these four kinds of colors six long grass stars, among them, the baby blue gives people a kind of elegance to visit the felling for leaving, the jade-green color gives people with strict whole week positive felling, the orange red brings of then wild

"Can say that again, we can not give up a hope!Some caves don't have the earth Yin to appear, we hide my noodles to go at once."The gold is small happy medium to also summon up courage, he hasn't enjoyed living fine, how may abandon the own life to this ghost place!

"This is the job of younger generation, the elder generation still pleases not thus polite!"See the Du fly polite a lot of, He Lin at not from in mind happy.The person that is like this kind of fairy sort, if can take a relation, hereafter meet a matter also have to rely on be not?

Thus, the gold is small to open oneself to still keep an one rank of strength, but his opponent replication body, the auto then is advanced two ranks, and appeared to bite in making duplicate the hand of body crystal with bite a treasure.Just train, so those 2 bite crystal and bite a treasure all completely is work carelessly-bite crystal is like a Chinese foot long of build a fire stick, but bite a treasure then elephant is the shield that a side can let out a lightning flash.

Surround in that tube surroundings, arrange empty boat of more than ten interstellars with huge, all of that is garrison here of patrol troops.

What to close on the heels of that sorcery behind is that a torpedo double fasten sorcery, the lightning flash that see is several hundreds of thick such as the son arm takes big slice of of the water bead is horizontal to get empty but go.Know to all, pure water outside any water chemical elements will conduct electricity, besides which, those lightning flash a get in touch with those water beads immediately will produce an abruption, but produce the thunder and lightnings after splitting ups to immediately start drawing on an air thunder chemical element, become bulky while signing, along with time of changed a war ship of matchless and huge charged barbed wire net facing sunshine country to keep on covering.

Even if I ain't full of;Even if my parents always aren't good at an expression;Even if I don't have famous brand clothes.But I believe they or love deeply mine, they will make me feel in another way I is their darling baby.

"The rite is to use to treat a friend, treat an enemy to seem to use not up!"Is cold cold on smiling, the great white crane true person not resigned to playing second fiddle ground says.And many elders in Wu Meng, see great white crane true person's one rank fair sex all thus tough, don't aware of self as well brought up courage, quietly shares a bitter hatred of the enemy.


That person with angry look circle Zheng, roar a way:"Don't regret rascal boy!Lao Tze wants to make you taste the taste of livinging the not equal to dead!"Finishing saying and then moving forward is blunt to come up, shout at top of voice, the center of palm of hand projects together black light, go straight to a gold small open of the noodles door is since then!The gold is small to open to see don't see as well, raise a hand and then invoke an oneself of the strongest invoke monster ground fire monster Jing!

It explains in the book:

Way actually is what Jing monster, but you only think the ground you own now fire monster the Jing and knife go a monster, how are those two power?If you own one more again, real strenght affirmation will get to promote very greatly!"

The eyes strange favour sends out a burst of absolute being to read again.

However at this time already from not get ground eight Be getting more hesitant.Run to the seaside, ground eight don't stop over, coagulate one in the body form in fine threads dark fasten energy, then didn't hestitate ground to hurtle into sea in.

"Does the nobody volunteer?"Smell speech from strange not from wrinkly knit the brows, he is be responsible for domestic affairs in alliance, press to say this matter his tube.

Is together and together thin to stare at his friendship to see clearly!

"?!Does this isexactly what things?"And distance snow is small to open to secretly complain of hard lot towards seeing one eye, gold:"Is an assassin again?"

Chapter 96 spreads fame

The big part of these people at externally so-so have no strange, however all of them are still a pair of eyes to contain absolute being, ambiguously send forth a vehemence that shoots a person on the body, that isn't the pure strength, but long whet to do after just can develop of murderous look.Can appear here obviously of is an all real elite.

The gold is small to open to deeply take a suck at spirit, soon then calm down:"You say of to, this kind of energy is since free from any rule restriction, perhaps it is can hardly for me to also control.However no matter how it is say, or try and see!"


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