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June 11, 2013


Bill Fane

This isn't totally "new." In the early 1990's I managed to get into a "secret" virtual reality research facility at Autodesk, where I got a chance to wear a VR headset. It was remarkably realistic, including stereo headphones for 3D sound. Among other things, I played a game of pool & the clicking sounds as the balls hit each other came from the correct direction, even as I moved around while the balls were in play.

I've also stood on the sun and played pool with the earth and moon, I've played on a jungle gym as I climbed over the molecules in a glass of water, and I've tried to land a fighter jet aircraft.

All of this was done using a computer with an Intel i486 chip and two generic 640x480 VGA video cards along with a pair of gloves from a video game. The headset consisted of two screens from Sony Watchman micro TVs fitted to a welder's helmet.

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