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May 20, 2013


Bill Fane

Rande Robinson said"

"If anyone can design and print anything what becomes of professional licensing?"

That's what scares me about this whole concept. I'm afraid that we're going to end up with a world full of things that have been "designed" by people who think that "design" means creating a shape they like, with no underlying knowledge of things like stress, strain, product safety, rules and regulations, environmental impact, and so on.


I hit Makerfaire last year and it certainly got me thinking from a philosophical point of view.

I kind of like a market where the value of your product is determined by how much "Joy of creation" it gives you.

Rande Robinson

The thing we need to start taking away from things like Maker Faire is that it is teaching a new generation to "think different" not to accept the conventions of todays industries and professions. This could/will have big implications to the future. For example if we can print anything then that fundementally changes how we do business. Rather than build a structure a piece at time we print it from bottom to top this make plans as we know them basically obsolete. If anyone can design a print anything what becomes of professional licensing? Big issues will require big ideas that are not constrained by current convention. Will be fun to watch it play out.

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