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May 20, 2013



Hearts and minds is what it is all about in software. What you learn first and become comfortable with is what you will stick with over time. Autodesk always had this philosophy but had gotten away from it for a time. Not anymore, Mac, Ipad 3d printing, etc. Bass is positioning Autodesk for the future(5-10+ yrs) not just this quarter. Now will the stockholders and experts play along that remains to be seen but you are right it is "crazy like a fox". Just wish he would acknowlege android...

Rakesh Rao

It is indeed nice (and somewhat unbelievable until not so long go - remember SocialCAM) to see a giant like Autodesk break new ground and enter the consumer markets.

Indeed, my children find using 123D and 123Sketch on the tab far easier to use than I sometimes find the latest version of AutoCAD. Looks like they clearly have their sights on the new gen.

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