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November 26, 2012


Dennis Nagy

Very bold move(s)by DS. The directions DS are taking involve more artistic flair, something a French-based company can attempt, but a German industrial giant like Siemens (via Siemens PLM) would find hard to do. It remains to be seen whether DS's growth into "non-engineering/PLM" visualization areas can happen fast enough to compensate for the loss of their traditional engineering-minded nuts-and-bolts customers who don't get "flair". Nevertheless, they are to be applauded for trying to be bold.

Jeroen Buijs

I keep on thinking that the strategy of working the Marketing Engine is the key to enormous success, and DS proves that point. From a product quality standpoint, they're inferior to their competitors, but captivating minds with good messaging seems to overcome that setback. As a long term strategy, I do believe that better solutions will overcome, only if they can step out of the big Brand Shadow that DS successfully casts over them...

Ralph Grabowski

In that Dassault is currently the largest CAD vendor in the world (as measured by annual revenues), it would be hard to see how it cannot survive. Big business thinks differently about CAD systems than do small shops, and Dassault caters to big business.


Why wouldn't they survive ?

Rande Robinson

Do you think Dassault can survive long enough to change it's future?

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