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July 06, 2011


Bob McNeel

What is the big deal?

As a journalist don't you expect to be always lied to?

Isn't that the role of a journalist to sort out the lies so that your readers are getting "fair and balanced" reporting?

But then that would be expensive, plus who would buy advertising in a publication that told the truth about their advertisers?

Of course, we too are not above lying to the press, but we like to believe we are just often confused. I'm always hoping they will sort me out when I am confused, but maybe that is too much to ask given the amount of incoming hot air they have to deal with.

Curt Moreno

Fantastically poignant! It is true that Model Y is always, somehow, more fantabulous than Model X was.

It's sort of magical how they do that. How they add just one more thing in there.

Keep up the peeving. And if you ask me, I say try yelling "Liar!" just once. You know, to be able to say you did. Just saying is all.

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