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June 01, 2011



Autodesk's acquistion of Algor, which is the core of Autodesk's CAE offering, is decidedly "low end" in capabilities in comparison to Ansys, Abaqus or any of the flavors of Nastran, all of which will take market share from Autodesk FEA and CFD products and eat them alive.. just as structural analysis competitors continue to give Autodesk's Robot FEA structural software a beating in the structural analysis marketplace despite Autodesk's financial weight and the integration of Robot with Revit (which Robot's competitors also offer).

Autodesk doesn't appear to have a clue what they're doing in the CAE market. Doubt me? Then what's with their absurd marketing push suggesting that building designs will routinely use CFD to design building A/C and heating systems via Revit, which is complete overkill and unjustifiable in 99.9% of designs? But it sounded like such a briliant idea in the product marketing meetings, right?

On a related note, imo it's fantasy to believe that their CAD-centric dealer channel can ever support support their analysis products suite. Moldflow, for which ADSK paid $300 Million, may continue to survive because it's a a market leader in a niche market, but the rest of Autodesk's simulation offerings are a losing proposition.


Are you nuts? The stuff they bought is not exactly state of the art - well maybe excepting moldflow. The rest of the stuff is decidely problematic in a number of areas. It isn't much good if you can't simulate what you are aiming at. The vendors that do the hard stuff would be very hard to kill off by purveyors of deciedely mediorce products. Kill ANSYS? That's funny! Frankly in my view all of the CAD embedded vendors are making such junk in analysis products that they are seeding the market for vendors that have products that actually work reliably. I believe the market is waking up to this as many users are getting more than frustrated by the CAD embedded products performance when it comes to anything slightly off the beaten track. The challenge for the high vendor's is to realize that a lot of the value of the easy stuff has been zapped by the CAD embedded guys. They need to re think their strategies to gain market share through this nicely seeded market and retain the value of their technologies for dealing with the difficult problems. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out over the next 5 to 10 years.

Sunith Babu

Sure CAE will make its best, when Autodesk Plans to buy LS Dyna a crash analysis tool used by automotive industry.

This is just my view. A CAE tool, having Algor + CF Design + Blue Ridge Numerics as a suite will make a good stand in the CAE World.

Further, if Autodesk plans to buy any of the Composites software like Lusas or any associated products, it would definitely be a world class leader in CAE Tool.

Kevin De Smet

Autodesk even bought the world: http://estore.autodesk.com/v2.0-img/operations/autodesk/desc/proddesc/world.htm

The mayan calender was off by a few years, wasn't it??

Alexander Bausk

Did they buy Algor too!?
Oh God. Oh God.

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