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February 09, 2011


Jim Lowery, former president SASUG

Jeff Ray came to our user group in San Antonio. He immediately put us at ease. What a wonderful man, his presentation was good too. When I introduced my self and called him Mr. Ray, he said please call me Jeff. That says it all.

Bertrand Sicot

Hi Roopinder.

I’d like to congratulate Jeff as well. He leaves behind some big boots to fill, and he will be missed very much here at SolidWorks. Something is telling me that he will keep in touch with the SolidWorks community.

Bill Casnovsky

Jeff Ray's visit at our Central Texas SolidWorks User Group meeting (CTSUG) amazed us all. This was the first time that any top Executive was willing to visit the guys in the trenches. Guess what: he was relaxed and very approachable. He took on any and all questions and issues that the Users had. He also shared his vision & strategy for SolidWorks going forward. We all left the meeting feeling that Jeff was there to protect our software investment and to deliver tools that would make our design jobs easier.

Bill Casnovsky
President CTSUG

Jeff Ray

Hi Roopinder,
Thank you so much for your kind words.You personify what makes this industry so profoundly rewarding. If I've enjoyed any success, it's because someone at SolidWorks or in the community at large stopped me before I did something dumb! Please continue to hold us all to your high standards. My early days here in Velizy are exciting, and I come ready to work, confident in the richness of the SolidWorks experience to guide me. Bon voyage et bon courage.

Joe N. Lance

At the OTC (Offshore Technology Conference) 2006 SolidWorks made the mistake of not getting a booth early enough to have a prime location… (The location was pretty bad that year)

Well needless to say my mission at SolidWorks World 2007 was to let Jeff Ray know that this was just unacceptable especially when our competitor has a nice large plush both inside.

Well as I approach Jeff and introduce myself he immediately said I knew you Joe and I can promise you it want happen again… and it never happen again.

But, these are the kind of stories that can be told over and over again about a great Person.

Jeff thanks for being first class all the way…

Joe N. Lance
Co: HOUSUG Leader

Joe N. Lance

Jeff Ray! Enough Said…
Having Jeff at the HOUSUG on Monday June 18, 2007 was truly the highlight of all our HOUSUG meeting.

As I introduce Jeff as an Aggie you immediately saw and felt the audience welcome him with loud applause.

Jeff opened the meeting talking about the “The History of CAD” and opened up the floor for any and all questions… never blinking at any of the question, and answered with the claim cool collected charm. Only Jeff could do this with such ease as he took some very tough and negative question and answered them giving the user a great deal of confidence to leave knowing Jeff would be there for then at almost any cost.

My manager was one of the attendees that evening and he left having a better understanding of why I have the passion I do about SolidWorks and attending SolidWorks World and that the CEO really knew who I was.

Jeff Ray…Truly First Class…

Joe N. Lance
Co: HOUSUG Leader

Jon Hirschtick

Roopinder thank you for a well-written insight into Jeff. I remember meeting Jeff and thinking that here is a guy with billion-dollar-company management skills who is also a good cultural fit with the people-centered, fast-moving culture of ours. And that's what he delivered.

Account Deleted

Thanks Roopinder, for interesting information about Jeff Ray, great leader who drive SolidWorks to success during recession.
Hope he continues his magical work with the new position as Executive Vice President, Geographic Operations, and member of the Dassault Systems executive committee.

Ken Hammer

What a wonderful and accurate tribute. It should be added that this is old news to those of us who have known Jeff for decades: he has always been the high water mark by which all business managers (CEO or otherwise) and friends should be measured.

Dan Bovinich


Jeff will be greatly missed. I like his "down-to-earth" attitude and how he listened to what you had to say. He came to our usergroup (EMSWUG) last year and he was a lot of fun and gave a great presentation about SolidWorks future. He was upbeat, forward thinking, and left a really good impression on our members. For SolidWorks ~ he was the right man at the right time. I'm sure Daussault will put him to good use.

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