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October 26, 2010



There has been a need for crossing Harbor Drive between Petco Park and the Convention Center for some time now. I was happy that a bridge had been planned, but was surprised that such an ambitious design had been proposed. The project was delayed due to rising costs and a redesign. Then it was absolutely to be done by the end of January 2011. I just visited the site on Feb. 12, and.....it's not open for use yet. It's quite a beautiful shape, but unlike motor vehicle bridges, there's no toll to help pay it off. At any rate, it's just about done and will be quite useful.


I love this opst! You have a greatblog her!

Devon T. Sowell

Interesting. I love 30 miles north of the San Diego,CA harbor and I've never heard of this project.

The City & County of San Diego is flat broke, like most cities in California. Where will the money come from?

Devon Sowell

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