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January 14, 2009


Kenneth Wong

I too hope content providers realize certain human decision-making processes cannot be replaced by a stream of programming code.

Often, I get frustrated with search results because the automated blog aggregators cannot tell the difference between a metaphor and a topic.

Case in point, I recently compared a remote computing product dubbed PC-over-IP to Voice over IP (VoIP) in a recent news item. The next thing I know, Voiceoveripworld.com indexed the story and put it in its lineup. The story would serve absolutely no purpose to someone looking for information on VoIP.

Joe Aggie

I hope Ms Bartz doesn't take any of those ADSK folks to Yahoo..Imagine what it would be like to have those ADSK legal folks moving to Yahoo..


Roopinder -- Good idea, why not think big and go for the gold?!! ...And, as for you-know-who, you have been more than patient!! :)

Ralph Grabowski

Roopinder finally finds an exit strategy out of the CAD business!


My experiences with Yahoo! haven't been wonderful (my ISP uses their services).

Perhaps it was a sign when their Yahoo! partnership email announcement was flagged as spam and trashed by their own filters...

See http://rcd.typepad.com/rcd/2007/08/yahooxtra-bubbl.html

Owen Wengerd

Careful what you wish for...

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