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September 18, 2008



This doesn't say much for Daussault, specifically in their ability to sell (or confidence in their ability to sell).

Basically, they bought SW instead of SE because SW had a better sales team. (And a comment on that - I wonder how important VARs are to most customers...I suspect a lot less important than Mr. Charles implies.)

Evan Yares

Though Solid Edge had a slower start, and still doesn't have the channel that SolidWorks does, it has, for many years, been an extremely capable program.

Competitors, such as Dassault, may dismiss it publicly, but I seriously doubt they do so privately.

Changing the subject, here's another Concorde story, as told to me by Pat Hanratty, the creator of Anvil, the first commercial integrated CAD/CAM program:

British Aerospace (a partner in creating the Concorde) was one of Pat's customers, and so Pat, along with his son Brian (a manager in his company) would fly out to visit them periodically.

During one visit, the person they were meeting with mentioned that BA was doing some flight testing that day, and asked Brian if he happened to have his logbook with him. (Both Brian and Pat were experienced pilots.)

Brian isn't in the CAD industry anymore, but has a nice souvenir from that time: A pilot's logbook that shows he flew the Concorde.

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