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July 11, 2007



I hope he returns one day to drive an amazing new innovation into the market.

John Nolin

We saw John at the round table event last night with SolidWorks and CMNC-SWUG. He came, showed off a classic car, shook hands and twice apologized for not being able to rearrange his schedule enough to stay for the whole evening. He was visibly pained, for this was the sort of user group and developer interaction he had been pushing for the past few years. I am not sure he knows when he will be back at it full time and at full speed, which may be why it seems like a dramatic move for him and the firm. If you happen to see him at SWWorld or some other SWUG event, shake his hand and wish him well. After a couple of decades of that kind of energy level in this industry, the guy deserves a break and some thanks for the effort.

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