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May 31, 2007


bertrand Malpel

hi, i 'm actually using rhino for mac os and i'm looking for a tutorial or help for using toucan render because i don't how to use it correctly. in other case do you know render that can be used on rhino.



Will Rhino for Mac have scripting capabilities?

joshua harrex

unfortunetly i'm doin without because my intel mac wont let me run rhino 4 on windows so cant wait!

christoff Wolmarans

Hi.I wanttoswich over to mac but I am waiting for Rhino to be for mac os.. Can you add me on the mailing list for updates on the subject.

Other question is will I have to buy the package again (I bought Rhino for windows 3 years ago...)


can't wait. until then I use rhino 4 for windows but hurry.

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