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April 29, 2007


jay mittal

Among all CAD designing tools Catia is much user friendly than any other designing tools and assembly part of Catia is too good.


They is no way PTC or any other CAD product could open an entire Aircraft Model
Catia has a unique approach to large assemblies. It believes that the PDM tool should handle it. Catia's PDM tool can assemble and do interference calcs wothout the need to perform mating and aligning conditions

Quote: "Ten years ago, CATIA had already been used to model the entire Boeing 777 -- down to the nuts and bolts. This was when other MCAD products were still getting off the ground (get it?) proudly showing a landing gear assembly with dozens, that's right, dozens of parts."

Really, I seem to remember that around that time (1997) there were other more capable assembly modelers (Pro/E) dealing with much larger assemblies than "dozens" of parts. A difference was that they were parametric too...

Richard Williams

Progressive Companies reach out and at times have to gobble up those great companies that could use a boost of a bigger older brother. Siemens might now do the same with the American MCAD company it just recently acquired. I think that it will enhance that companies future because it was unappreciated by the America company that owned it. Such is life in the industry as it heads towards the future.

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