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August 20, 2006



Man Lynn is a good lookin' woman. Sad news for all single dudes. What was it dad said? There's plenty of fish in the sea?

Sunith Babu L

Hi Lynn,

Congrats and best wishes. I still remember you said during last AU2008, be the Autodesk Evangelist for India.

I'm confidently waiting for that day.

Arben Allaraj

Congratulation both.
Good lucky.
I hope to return soon in world of CAD Mrs Lynn.

Titus Ruch

Congrats to Dr. and Mrs. McCurty! As a long time (we'll ignore just HOW long)fan of Lynn's AutoCAD enthusiasms, I imagine it will be a while getting used to seeing Lynn McCurty bylines.

Roopinder, you sure do manage to draw the cushy assignments!


Thank you Tom! (and Roopinder...)

Tom Talboys

Good looking couple, MAJOR Congratulations to both!

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