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January 06, 2011


Kevin De Smet

I must concur, when I was driving SolidWorks at a company who made packaging machines, the need for quick changes would be quite better served with direct modeling.

*whispers* move faces everywhere in the bottoms of part trees... shhh, don't tell nobody...

Jon Banquer

SolidWorks is devoid of any real direct modeling tools. Those of us who work in machining job shops badly need direct modeling tools in SolidWorks. Up till now no one at SolidWorks Corp. in a position to do something about this serious problem has done jack "s" to solve it. Is Bertrand Sicot planning to fix this glaring problem that has existed for years in SolidWorks?

Mark Burhop

I essentially did the opposite moving from the US to France to work for a French company. Being able to get one foot in each environment gives you a better understanding and the ability to communicate more effectively with both groups, not just one.

Argue technical direction all you want but the fact that he is a French engineer is at worst irrelevant but more likely an important business advantage.

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