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August 19, 2009



yeah, nda's should be the same, but then we'de miss out on a post like this Roop! :)

(was my throwup stinky?)

see ya.


This article appears to the source of other sour grape articles about how SW Corp is handling things this year. You complain about not being able to write about anything, but that, in and of itself, is writing about something. The bloggers are covering much more about their visit to SW HQ than you've bothered to mention. Just like you, they've found something to write about in the days leading up to the lifting of the NDA. Welcome to the club.


All of the bloggers that attended were (as far as I know) Beta testers, and beholden to the NDA that goes along with it...

Matt is right, the Beta is open, so anyone who is curious should have little trouble seeing things first-hand themselves.


They made sense when distribution meant shipping paper but today seem a bit pointless. The only real use I can see is where a company has to deal with lots of media, international or whatever, and it's not possible to give them all the same info in a day. Not such an issue with software but hardware isn't as easy to share.



You're right and wrong. You're right that embargoes are an archaic way of working with media, and there is no reason for handling things that way in this day and age.

But you're wrong that there is any sort of anticipation about new features in the software. Beta versions are available to all comers, so anyone who is curious already knows from first hand knowledge, which is infinitely better than reading half-forgotten notes.


I wonder why DS SolidWorks is keeping the lid on SolidWorks 2010?


Couldn't agree more.

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