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October 01, 2008


Solid DNA

In the mean time if your interested in knowing a little bit more...



Hi Roopinder. As a solidworks blogger and tech fiend, I'm not so much 'jealous' of the ST approach to modeling. Rather, I'm interested in how it affects development on a large scale in the CAD industry. I for one, think it's good that, if the developers can't work together, they can at least be inspired to new ideas (in context of the customers of course) which bring new technology into the industry.

If history-based modeling spawned direct modeling, what's next? :)

R. Paul Waddington

I will be interested to read your views on ST when you get your hands on it.
As an outsider, using AutoCAD/MDT and Inventor, I sat through a reasonably thorough demo of ST and believe it is a good tool in the making.
The reaction of the remainder of the audience tho' was quite different; many existing Solid Edge users were very cautious/fearful of the change; seeing it a dramatic change in preference to seeing ST as an additional tool in their kit.
As an advocated of flexibility in preference to user friendliness or ease of use I see ST as a step forward along that road.

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