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October 02, 2008


Autodesk already have capabilities 'similar' to those of Sync'T in their solids editing functions but they are are not a great implementation.
Sync'T's capabilities, their importance and usefulness were well known to Autodesk but just as CAD users can be resistant to change so too are CAD software developers, they are 'human', I think ;-)
They suffer from exactly the same resistance to change their customers do, however; they choose to think they are in 'control of change' and therefore need consider, only, if customers are keeping in step with them or not; not the other way round, as it should be.
The flexibility SYNC'T brings to the table was within Autodesk's grasp in the early 2000's - maybe earlier - but the industry following drivers, behind Inventor, Autodesk chose, gave us what now exists - a markedly inflexible tool.
Autodesk's problem is how to give their users back a level of flexibility they took away and include sufficiently advanced additional functionality?
For Siemens, success, of SYNC'T, relies on acceptance and marketing: for Autodesk SYNC'T will be all about marketing! Real users, "impatient & needy", will have to wait until Autodesk's marketeers and its 'follower' developers understand the CAD market is about users' needs not Autodesk's. Only then will Autodesk be able to move forward as they pull-off the necessary 'about-face'.

Ricky Jordan


If I would have known you were in town, I would have invited you to our SolidWorks Users Group meeting on Tuesday night. Hope you enjoyed your time in Huntsville.

Let me know the next time you come to town.

Best Regards,

Ricky Jordan


Dear Autodesk,

How long until we see similar functionality in Inventor? I'm all a-twitter in breathless anticipation.

Yours truly,

Impatient & Needy

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