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January 16, 2008



Hola! Yo estoy registrado en Adverbux.com, es una pagina altamente confiable de la que soy usuario hace bastante tiempo y nunca tuve problemas. Mi link de referido es:


mi mail es caluugonzalezz@hotmail.com
Espero que se unan porqe con referidos es mucho mas facil!
Muchas gracias y segui asi!


Steven Sheldon

>a product like CoCreate may
>have been derided for lacking
>"design intent" or being just
>too simple to handle real world

And indeed it is too simple for real world design. The lack of ability to embed design intent makes for some very serious compromises in the software, and makes editing, especially for molded parts, difficult at best. A classic example of this sort of problem is a drafted cylinder. Once drafted, the software forgets it ever was a cylinder, and consequently you cannot parametrically (or otherwise) control the base diameter of the drafted cylinder, because it is now a cone. While you can offset the conical surface normal to itself, who wants to do trigonometry just to change the basic diameter of a drafted cylinder?

The funny thing is Boolean hack & slash CAD modeling is how it all started out 30 years ago. The evolution to parametric capabilities was a definite step forward. Gutting those capabilities to cater to those unable to understand it is a bad move, and as the neophytes grow their CAD skill sets no doubt they will become frustrated with the limits of Boolean CAD just like everyone did 10+ years ago.

Matthew Palicki

Well, I must give credit where credit is due. When the acquisition happened, one of my key CoCreate users, Tom Kirkman, first made the name suggestion. I just passed it on to the blog.

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