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June 04, 2007


Puerto Vallarta Condos

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Milton Graham

Has anybody ever remotely considered the possibly that 3D CAD is REALLY HARD!! I mean, has it ever crossed their minds!!!

Are the practitioners of 3D CAD so out of touch with the rest of the populace, that they can't get a grip on the level of difficulty, time and commitment it takes to become proficient and productive with this class of software.

What is going on with 3D CAD is analogous to Dos. The developers and gurus of Dos didn't have a rats ass clue that the "common folk" were suffering with this system until people literally had to scream it at them. "What, they can't handle a simple command prompt, what's the problem?

3D cad programs regardless of the manufacture are brutal to learn. That is just the way it is. That said, the same way that competitive pressures forced the transition from manual drafting to PC based CAD, those same pressures, will force the almost total and complete migration to 3D. But, like me, most people will do it because they have to, not because 3D CAD is the hot thing to do on a Saturday night.


I'm looking forward to what you're going to get into on this. love the subject and the site. Thanks.

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