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June 05, 2007


Gar Smyth

The reason Dean is speaking to all of our user bases is because, first and foremost, he is an extremely successful inventor and entrepreneur who has won numerous awards relating to product development. He is also the founder of the FIRST organization, which has a vision to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers which is great no matter what CAD software you use. In addition to speaking, Dean also met a group of local Tampa high-school students participating in the FIRST Robotics competition who showcased and demo'ed their robots at PTC/USER. As for which CAD software Deka Research uses, a simple Google search will tell you that they use Pro/ENGINEER, Inventor & even some SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER being used extensively to design the Segway and the iBot ( http://www.dekaresearch.com/ibot.html ).


So what do they *really* use? A current job opening on dekaresearch.com lists a CAD Administrator position that requires Pro/E and Inventor experience... Seems like they might actually use Pro/E???


Gee, that's the same story that DK told at SolidWorks world.

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