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October 19, 2006



It is surprising, as it is peculiar to the person to preserve the image against worship which would make his ridiculous or черезчур far from the original, that is why improbable.

Martin Streat

Oh dear Roop not thinking in metric yet? You should be leading the way to push the states into the 21st century! Its good fun learning new things isn’t it, keep it up..

Richard Williams

Hi Roopindar,
Since you have already started witht the online tutorials I suggest you keep on going with them. However, don't forget about the SolidProfessor series that will fill in all the blanks. It really is terrific in the way it takes you from square one and brings you to a full and deep knowledge of SolidWorks. Have fun.

Jeff Mirisola

Being a windows based program, ctrl+z works for undo. Also, SW2007 allows you to undo further back than previous iterations.

Roopinder Tara

Thanks, Mark. Now, feel better. I am missing an AutoCAD type UNDO command. The SolidWorks UNDO doesn't go back far enough and I have to resort to the last saved version.

Mark Otteson

I have tried the tutorials also and I feel they skip a lot of steps, that a 2D AutoCAD user needs to told.
There needs to be some instruction on how to reverse or undo mistakes you have made. It has usually taken me several hours to do each exercise not 30 to 45 minutes.

Jeff Mirisola

If I, an uneductated hack, can teach myself SolidWorks, you won't have any problems Roopinder.

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