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June 05, 2006



PTC's comment about "buying weaker companies, not leaders in their field" is simply untrue. SolidWorks is definitely a strong company and without a doubt a leader in the field of MCAD. In many areas, far ahead of PTC, Particularly in the area of "nickel & dimming" us modules I would consider essential for basic productivity.


Yes i agree that they use PTC products for Powertrain, but isn't a victory defined by how much a company buys and uses? The Toyoto deal was 1 billion for V5 vs 12 million. I just dont see companies investing 1 billion with PTC. Nokia replaced SDRC with V5 after a 6 month evaluation of UG and PTC Wildfire

There's more to manufacturing automobiles than just chassis design... PTC's strength (and usage at Toyota) is in powetrain.


Its interesting that PTC is taking accounts in the PDM sector. What accounts have they flipped in CAD. They talk about Toyota but Toyota announced that they now have ~3000 licenses of Catia turned on since their recent purchase of V5
Nokia move from UG products to Catia.
these are significant customers in our industry. With these companies adapting V5 maybe we should look seriously at V5


It looks to me that Dassault is sticking to its engineering roots by purchasing Abacus which is a leader in non linear analysis where as PTC aquisitions seem to be away from engineering such as arbor text.
We have ben a long time abacus user along with Proe. We cant even come close to doing our analysis with Mechanica

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